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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

A new world

Today I ventured into a new terrain of books...not that I'm new to libraries .But the ambience of this woz totally awe ( not awe!!!...I'm not getting the right word!) ....... inspiring.I got a little assertive today!That is one way get to be.There is this persistent element of self-doubt that haunts in me.Trying my best to ghost-bust.Speaking of self-help books,they put across things in a real simple way.When it comes to helping oneself,I am helpless!!!Guess I ll keep them off.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Yet another time...

Hmm yet another time I end up staying back long at office...though not for very long.Guess this place has become my comfort zone.Today I venture out to break out of my comfort zone.The conflict between my will and pleasure has come to a compromise.I'm starting at a not too early time.And to do that I gotto leave now!!!And I'm doing just that!!!See ya 2moro!!!

Monday, October 25, 2004

Missed a birthday...AGAIN!!!???

I really wish I woz not this forgetful : (I missed out on the birthday of a good friend of mine.Today woz inspired by the thought "Less effort more Comfort".And infact ,the day turned out to be a very relaxed one!!And "INTEGRITY" woz very intriguing today....both thinking of it and keeping it.Sometimes, I really wish I were somewhere close to where or whom I want to be :(It hurts to be else way: (This thought keeps me busy all day.Think thatz for today.Chao!!

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Remembering Gibran ....

Truly a prophet...Gibran!Tonight I leave home and the pain I feel almost close to getting derooted.And strange,this happens every time : (Hmm yet another time I found myself in remorse.And ofcourse,there were my folks who had to put up with my tantrums...and my friends.Laziness has always been an integral part of I woz too lazy to meet my best friend and I gave my usual excuse to me.."Therez always a next time!".But I really really wish I cud have met her :(Coming back to Gibran,well, in his "Prophet",he talks about leaving the land of his dreams and nightmares...and his feelings about the parting....close to wat I felt having to part home.Guess my words cant make as much sense and impact.But my thoughts are mine : )

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

What about "The Present"?

"The Present" is what I have in my hand for the day.Spencer Johnson gives it straight and simple,and the book,a good one to read ...and to live.The day started with an unfair amount of laziness but,I managed to take control of it.But at the dark crevices of my mind, voices scream about the sweetness of slumber : (Wish I could do more and more of sleeping(To make up for the sleep deprivation I suffer lately)."A smile is better than a laughter",says my friend.And what an eye-opener it woz to me!!!Really, all the really good things in my life have made me smile....not laugh?!!Did I tell you,I laughed yesternight....infact, a lot?!Thatz a really good news....for me atleast ; )So,while I smile about my stay smiling or put it simple......"Be Happy!!!" : )

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

let me think...

How was the day? Today was kinda normal....and I didnt get to do much, of course waking until midnight yesternight had it own toll. I ended up fighting hard to keep my sleep away...these days I get to be on the phone so much...well, that should be sooo very much...Its almost like I am obsessed about the thing. Sometime I feel I would forget the art of speaking to the person in floosh and blood. And, to my effort to laugh out there is this person, who is trying for me in fact harder than me. Wish it works out atleast for his sake...let me call this person, friend! I think I am a little too distracted to be blogging some sensible stuff. Now, I hear an ambulance! and that gives me afraid! Guess it should be the same with everyone.

Monday, October 18, 2004

I woz laughing aloud!!!!

Now ppl,did you know how hard it is for me to laugh aloud??If you did,then u would not think of me as silly!!!The best thing I can do is give a wide grin.But today I surprised myself : )I really wish I woz not so complex a thinker to miss out on the silly jokes and simple ,kocchu kocchu laughters in life!!!Simple thinking is certainly not my cup of tea.I need to get some flexibility and should learn to flow around with ease.Like everything can be faked.....I'm faking to be cool ,when under the water, I'm paddling hard!!Ppl,does everyone get to do the same thing as me or are they really so cooool??!!

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Itz sunday and I'm working!!!!

After the yapping that well went into mid night,I went into a deep slumber.After, rise and shine ,I left for play to office.Now ,do I sound weird?Well,I may, but I certainly am not!!!!Had a coaching on TT,sumptuous lunch(the yummy pradhaman!!!) from God's own country,a wee-bit of learning and the grande finale...One of my dreams fulfilled!!!This day's blog would hold a memory for me!!I missed out on a physical,tangible and my kinda souvenir : (May be my heart will hold it for me!!!Looking forward to making more memories...

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Making up for the lost days

Today I woz swimming in nostalgia and I had company!!!Yup!!!I saw my friend (Best Friend) after a reaaaal loooooong time!With the very special ppl in our life ,time just would not make any difference.I just felt the same old feeling and ended up yapping and yapping and usual.Made up for the days I missed out with her...not all of it.... time woz just not enough : (A little of shopping ,a send-off, meeting frenz woz all on the list.A happy day and thatz all I have to say!!!!Hmm....btw,do I sound poetic ?!!

Friday, October 15, 2004

Making a difference...

The day started way too early for me.The final touches to my plan execution had to be given and so,I woz on the move for quite some time.Small things make a difference...but making a difference is not a small thing!!Oh me !!! I'm getting verbose!!Ppl,itz easy to be on the receiving side..But taking efforts to give can be such fun itself!!!Today ,it woz one such experience for me.But I could have done it better!That leaves me wondering if I really accomplished my goal #: - Seeing the happy face would have been nicer I guess!Sporting is another thing I did in excess today...the first thing: thinking ofcourse!!

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Reliving childhood...

I'm really amazed!!!My days are getting better and better and better!!!My best friend has come down from elsewhere and G.Bell woz very INSTRUMENTAL in making up for the lost years!!To add up to this,me got in touch with a buddy from school...after 6 long years!!!!Today saw many a blossoms....of beautiful friendships.Guess my bouquet is getting bigger!!!Now ,this gives me an added responsiblity:I've got to take real good care of every blossom!For the happiness thay bring into my life....I would n't mind going to the end of the world!!!Do you know...I'm smiling almost the entire day!Well,thats means there are so many around to make me smile!!!Now,the same old story...Good ppl with Good intentions...Will do Gab!They know it !!!While I smile ,you stay smiling too!!!Happy smiling : )

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Thinking hard

Today is the kinda day that would make me go blank.Nothing really happened!!!I can hardly think of anything to put down in my blog!!Now,the one reason that makes me blog is that I ve got time to kill ;)I m really enthusiastic about the little something that I'm upto.Guess I ll keep it to myself!Today, I read the blog of i_whisper on live journal and I really liked it!!Having nothing to do is really inspiring me to cook up something whacky!!This is one thought:The file with a stick is a stick file and the stick holding the file is a file stick!!!Now,I know whatz running in ur are thinking ,"what in the world has happened to Gab?".Well,in this free world,dont I ve the freedom to just let go ??(I let go a little tooo often haan?)Ppl,I'm totally drained out(waiting for my snax?) ...guess I ll wind up here!C ya!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Calm after storm?!

Hmm after a very stormy yesterday,today turns out to be a calm one : )" Perplexity is the beginning of wisdom".Guess itz working out with me.A dream doesn't have to be a place you have to get may simply mean how you want your journey to be!!!Now, how does this sound?Well,this spark of enlightenment kindled by the little too analytical friend of mine!!!I ve just got to organize my top desk and then I would have things falling back into their places.And just one more thing get something right just intention wont need interest.Ppl,if you have dreamz ,I would be happy if you share it with me.Then I would know what a dream can mean to different persons.What ya say?Waiting for your dreams.....

Hmm luckier!!!!

Woz n't I talking about so many good ppl with good intentions and how luckier I'm getting?Well,today,I got a wee bit more luckier : ) : )Acts of goodness make me happy...but sometimes just good intentions get me bowled over.Well,yet another time I m reminded of my awful bowling patch!Now,Gab,why dont you get the whole rotten thing off ur mind??!!!After all,itz gone!!!Now,ppl,that woz a bit of self-talk..dont mind haan?So,catch you on the day morrow comes!Did I say it right?C ya!!!

Monday, October 11, 2004

Find me my dream,would you?

Me not feeling very good today : (
Wish I were good at something.
I feel like screaming at the top of my voice,
"Would somebody find me my dream?".
I very badly yearn for the experience of having a dream and then,working towards it.

Everyday I walk;
Down the alley or across the park.
Everyday I walk distant miles
and stare longingly at those distant isles.
There are so many of them,so green and so much of a sight.
Silently tears roll down speaking of my plight.
I know I cannot tread my way
until my dream is always on the sway.
Everyday I walk,
down the alley or across the park.
Everyday to the distant miles, I'm bound,
My path takes me to nowhere ,just round and round...

Ppl,guess I m getting a little too.....
If only u know ways to find one's dreams,lemme know...

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Oh me, Monday is coming !!

Unwinding ur self, and getting to do what you want to do feels soooo good....and sundays, are meant exactly for that ; )As for me,I woke up to meet Mr.Sun shining bright in the 10 o' clock sky,had my careless brunch,had the music on and dived into my book... Gibran again!This is life!!!Who could ask for anything more??!I woz reading the book lying in my bed,rolling around in every other awkward position,then in the stairs,then getting myself onto the box window, the terrace ,up the ladder ,on the over-head tank,....every other place I woz feeling comfortable.This is one reason I prefer reading REAL books to the E-ones!With the real one,I get not just the words ,but the smell of the leaves ,...the texture ,hmmm ...,and on feeling sleepy,you can just dip your face into it or cover ur face over...or may be it ll be a pillow!Books sure are my best friends ; )Now,look at me!!!I totally ran off my subject!!!!So, to do some justice to my subject:Sure, with a few ticking of the clock, Monday would be here!!!Dont you c it...Sundays fly toooo fast?But why would they have to :(

Saturday, October 09, 2004

About the bride

Aish,the bride woz looking gorgeous on screen and the groom was kinda ok.Well I'm talking about "Bride and Prejudice".For me it woz a self imposed go for a movie.I'm just working on my clusterophobia.At the end of the day...I discovered something:I m just not comfortable with the theaters."The thoughts and meditations of Khalil Gibran" is my recent read....and it made me think.Well, there is this line in this book and I found it a little too intriguing."You are "I", Earth.Had it not been for my being,You would not have been."Now,what does this line say??!!!Me ..baffled .Would someone help???BTW,did you know that Aish's eyes keep changing colours over the years (Excuse me,I'm not talking about contacts!!!)?

Friday, October 08, 2004

Not knowing the future is one thing and ...

Exploring what the future holds for us is onething that has driven mankind so far.Not knowing the future is one thing and knowing is another!Today something happened and then I had this spark of thought:We always wish we knew what was going to happen or what the future holds for us.Strange enough,we also wish we had not known what we know about the future!Well ,I 've,infact, quite a number of times!!!Wat ya say?Ppl,do you see that I'm getting a little too serious these days?If not,do tell me...I ll be happy!!!Yet another thing happened today....I woz good to some body!!!Well,dont take this as bragging .ok?Just that I 'm at a point where I thought I'm turning out to be a complete jerk and suddenly the sweet gal in me springs up and says "Ta Daa!!!".Really ppl,woz nt I talking about the "Off the balance"?This woz one aspect I meant.Guess I'm getting my grip back ; )So while I work on my balance have a happy weekend!!

When you ve said what you wanted to say...

ppl,have you had times when you ve said what you wanted to say and then ended up thinking why you said that in the first place?Well,that happened to me today!!!Felt kinda miserable : (
I'm just in the process of brushing off the whole episode off my mind.Thatz too many "off"!!!
You know,I feel the most hurt when I ve hurted someone.Do you feel the same?
Now,let me get away from it....after ALL we are frenz!!!
Yesternight,I had the priviledge of curling up in my bed for 11 at hrs at a stretch!!!And that made me sooooo happy : )
"Sleep , art thou sweet sister of death?"
Did I get that right??
For the past few days,I really am going off my balance,meaning, REALLY REALLY off!By off, I mean my thinking is all clouded like after ...a dont want to tell that!Thatz too many "off" again!! Gotto work on myself!
And did I tell you about the crazy sleep-talking habit I've got??I take calls when I'm sound asleep and then I'm left with just but faint memories!!Now,thatz getting me close into serious trouble : (
Thinking of starting with a non-fiction ..Wish I could find a good one to get my eyes-on!!!
So, catch up with you later ...I'm off on the hunt!!!

Thursday, October 07, 2004


You know ppl,today I discovered yet another reason to laud G.Bell.These days I get to be on the move most af the time, and so also I end being scooped away from my resources...wiz my own desk,chair and my own system to meddle with.Today woz one such day.To make me feel all the more like a fish out of water....I missed my cab.Well that means yet another hour without my critical resources : (Now,herez when G.Bell came to my rescue.All I had to do woz hook on to the phone...and the rest know it right???Now I'm with my sweet baby!!!Looking into her,smiling and happily blogging!!!!BTW,does any one of you have an official blogger for you ???Well I do ; )All I ve to do is hand over all the crap I can ever make and just hand it overto my blogger.Then with the swish of my blogger's wand, finally, it all makes so much sense!!!Well,actually I'm positive about that!!!Ok folks ,guess I'll leave you fuming and catch up with some work.Chao!!!!

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Thank you G.Bell!!

Graham Bell,whereever you are,a thousand thanks to you!!!I really cant imagine a world without ur baby....every time it cries...sweet sound!These days I 'm kinda getting close to living on the phone....reminds me my good old school days...well they aren't that old!!!For this one reason,I would make science my religion and G.Bell my God!!!I make sense dont I??Speaking of science,the stories of scientists portray most of them at the low end of sanity test or atleast with a darker corner in them.Well the term "Sanity test"(mind you,itz got nothing to do with S/W testing),I got it from a friend of mine.As for him,he oscillates between the extremes when it comes to the same.Makes so much sense somtimes and so much non-sense at others.I should try catching him somewhere between the slices!!Coming back to life over the phone,I really wonder how so many ppl can just hang up after doing the mere data transfer.Guess they are the furthest from lateral thinking!!!And the sheer pleasure they miss out!!!I end the day's blog praying that the ignorant lot may be enlightened and may live happily ever after(Over the phone ofcourse!!)!!! many of them!!

If only I could freeze the moment of surprise I had yesterday...There woz this treat which woz a sure blast of surprise.What it is I shall hold close to me or itz infact me!!!And about the person,lemme tell you,hez one brain whiz,a little too analytical,practical,sporty,sensible and ofcourse my friend and sure makes me feel go down and under."Down and Under"??Well, that reminds me of my awful bowling patch :( Hushhhhh...lemme not think about it....therez so much to celebrate!!!
I felt kinda crazy looking at the treat.Guess I'm getting a little to self-indulgent.But is that not what a blog is all about??
And yet another surprise came my way!!!
It woz a comment on my blog....infact an encouraging one!Well,it woz supposedly anonymous comment ; )
For the first day of blogging,it woz kool.Guess the person woz just trying to be good to me.Now,this substantiates my idea that the world is so full of ppl with good intentions.Guess I'm getting luckier day by day...getting to meet one so often!
There were a few other teeny weeny surprises that made my day.Guess I wud keep them off record.
Now,I think is time to wind up my blogging...coz there are too many ppl cramming in...So thats for now.Chao!!!

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

So good

I take a deep relaxing breathe and as my eye-lids are drawn down,my memoir unwinds....Now folks,if I sound a little up,the reason is that this is my maiden venture into blogging.U c urself in me...huh?Well,coming back to my memoir,life has been really really good to me,ofcourse it had itz own reservations!My earliest memory goes back to my kinder garden when my home woz soooo much like the one on the wooden plaque that says "Home Sweet Home".To have a humble and sweet beginning is a priviledge and u can count me as one such priviledged.And my journey thereof has been a real kool one.I 've so many things to account for "adipoli"(thatz "kool" in malayalam)......great folks back at home,frenz,enemies(do I have any..?...They sure are good...they haven't shown up for sooo long !),music,books,chocolates,ice-creamz...Do I sound prosaicly poetic or poetically prosaic?Either way,itz 'coz I ve drunk too much of my nostalgia.Hey ppl,I'm such an over-thinker that I wish I had a switch to turn-off my thinking;But now,I can hardly think of anything to impressively kick-start my blog.May be I l make blog impressive with unimpressive ideas...sounds confusing?Sure,it does.Btw,who am I trying to impress?Now,this has triggered off my thinking for sure!!!Now that I've started thinking....lemme stop blogging ; )What ya say?