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Monday, November 29, 2004

On time...

Ppl,the unpredictability of life just gave a hard blow on my face.In the weekend that just passed by....I made some fond memories,fulfilling some long-awaited wishes,doing some close to heart stuff.Thankfully,I did what I had to do!!!Today,nothingz just the same.My life much like a gushing torrent!!I never knew the importance of living in the present until my river made this swirl.Two lessons learnt from the weekend happening:1. Never make a decision when you ve given your brains away2. And dont use your brain when your heart's got something to sayI can but try live in the present,for, my past is gone I dont have it,my future hasn't arrived and brooding over these,my present ,I merely forget :(From hereon,my efforts I ll make them steadfast that when I look back at my life,I dont regret the things I ve or haven't done.k,ppl,guess this is going a little too ...well...hmmm..forget it!!!Life calls....catch you later.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004


yipppeeee!!Ppl,you know, today, I ve something really kool to blog!!!!!First ,for the first time in my life I got to wear a helmet!!Now dont take me for crazy!!!It woz a really funny feeling that made me sooooo happy:)I felt like a tiny little puppy taken for a walk in a big city,for the first time.It woz a medley of emotions...initially, I felt like a stupid ,but then the world looked so different with a helmet on, new,so beautiful in a strange sense!!!!The new perspective presented the scene with mysterious beauty .Now,coming to the really ultimate happening ...we won a set of TT against gooood players!!!Our's woz a mixed doubles match and both of us novice... may be it woz just a set...But it made a big difference to us.We started out feeling as under-dogs and then,... we realised then at the end of the match..we realized we were not that baad.Winning a set made us happy..but the other element that made me happier woz that something that has much to do with hope.Hope, sure, is a beautiful word....subtle yet sooo strong!!!Hope is I know!!Wat ya say???

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Sleepy me...

yestereve,we were at the most happening place in town...had lotsa fun.Gotto meet the Mr.Right of Fussy-lil'-Miss.They make a kool pair :)Tomoro a new week starts and for me weekend is no different from a week-day.ppl,me very tired and thoughts getting me gonna catch up with the backlogs at sleep.These days am really getting the hang of my job...and that keeps me busy.Guess I ll say good night here!!!Remember we sleep under the same roof...haan?Good night follks!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Peace returns..

Ppl,after all the stress that had been thru for the couple of days,peace gently breezes in:)Someway,at the end of every tunnel I see light and I'm humbly thankful for that.Communication is such a vital part of any relationship..thankfully my little too analytical friend struck the right chord at the right time!!!A person likely to turn me into a cannibal...Yesterday woz markedly a day to celebrate life and I exactly did myself ,under the moon,flirting stars,my favourite junk food and soft-drink....smiling ,thinking ...Boy,this is cry all my tears and laugh all my experience the beauty of the most subtle tender feelings,the gushing emotions...Today turned out to an equally sensible day,with a sense of purpose and feeling good about myself.The more ppl in my day....the more complete my day becomes...the richer I feel..

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

strange ways..

ppl,I'm really startled by the strange ways in which realtionships work!!!The past couple of days I ve been experiencing throbbing an outcome of too much love and too much tenderness.Sometimes I'm happy that therez someone who cares about me so much,but sometimes I'm sad that the care is of such intensity that it hurts the relationship."To care for someone is easy.To make someone care for you is difficult.But I really wonder how you make caring for you so easy for me!!"This SMS made so much sense to me.I think I'm making caring for me,a Herculian task!!!Whatever happens,my only wish is that I bring happiness to all ppl who know me.Or otherwise atleast not to be a thorn in their hearts....It hurts to hurt someone you love.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Sweet slumber

hmm..uhmm...ppl,me really sleepy today.Feel like I'm sleep walking around the whole day.Just had a few things to blog:->Went out of town from home.->Paid some formal visits->Met my Best Buddy->Went for a movie(VERY IMPORTANT:'Coz itz my dream come true)!->Had moon-lit dinnerppl,but why "->"?!!!!now I know, training is going way over my head...or...may be I'm living my training!!!ppl,my thinking is going volatile..Tomoro I gotto think of stuff to add to my dreamz list.As of now,planning to hit the sack soon.catch you later.Good night!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Sweet Home : )

Me back at home!!!!This place sure is my den!!!Here, I celebrate my catch or lick my wounds.....But at the end of the day...I'm happy at home.Back home I would nt call things warm and sunny...coz itzzz all pouring and fever has blanketed the festivity :(Today my experiments with cooking worked!!!I woz kinda responsible too...well,at home,thatz the last thing I 'm!!!My pop iz a sweeeet person and I love him soooo much.But on the contrary my means of communication is arguments.Arguments all the time!!!Thankz to our bad memories....we get easened off quick :)Yet another thought props up:"Distance makes the heart grow fonder".Sooo true!!Ppl,of all the things I have in my peope I hold closest to my heart..Today I have a sense of was trivial but made more sense to me!!Getting to meet a sweet friend and her hubby after a real long time made my yesterday happy.Me!!I forgot the word of wisdom that came from that meeek gal!!!Guess I ll keep that as a guideline for my life.Everyone needs a friend!!!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Yet another H A P P P P P P P P P P P P P P Y day!!!!

Ppl,the day started on a very low note with me missing home.But then,a magician came into the picture and with the swish of his wand(I shall call it that way!) I had a smile on my face!!!Geeee I'm still smiling...the magic stays!!!Today is one of those happy happy days when something that you least expect to happen happens!!!This sure is my day!!!!Someone painted it perfect for me!!!I really wonder how all these happens !How on earth does everyone of these people know that I need them in my life??!!!These happy things happening...they make me kinda humble and so thankful.If only I see God in tangible form,then I would give Him a BIG BEAR hug!!Thatz how much thankful I am!!Wishing and praying that you have as much happiness as ur hearts can hold!!You know, Godz my buddy and I ve an edge over you !!!Boy,I'm getting trumpetty!!!Keep smiling :)

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Mess up!!!

Ppl,woz nt I talking about excitement the day would hold for me?Well,there woz a tinge of excitement that lined my day, but then I dint soar high...instead I messed it all up:(The day woz an ok one though.The festive season is fast approaching and thatz one reason for me to stay high.Me missing my near and dear ones :(ppl,I'm starting to miss home.Eagerly looking forward to heading to my den...Therez no place like home ...isn't it?I like it when ppl can keep up the spirit of festive season.I'm just trying to do that.Fireworks about to begin...Guess I ll wind up here and join the crowd..Have an explosive festive season!!!(Boy,thatz sounding morbid!!!)C ya tomoro..kto?

Monday, November 08, 2004

One normal day!!

ppl, today woz one normal day...nothing very happening.Me really bogged down by the normalcy of the day.Guess I ll wind up here.But then,you knoe one thing??Well you know many things!!!Tomoro is most likely to hold lotsa excitement for me!!!Donno if I'm gonna soar high or screw up ?!!Gotto wait n see.When the day is done,I ll let you know.Guess I ll have butterflies in my tummy.Anyways,I dont see birds around,atleast for now!May be the rains are keeping them in their nests.How about you ; pyou c birds...hmmm?

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Caught in a whirlpool

Today,I woz caught in awhirlpool of emotions :The day started warm and sunny and I woz in a lazing ,mood.With music and a book, "One Minute Manager" ,I cuddled around until midday.Then started the grind!!!First,it woz a tiff with my very best friend ...and I felt very low.Then,at the end of the day,I got my smiles back : )After the muddle,the waters got clearer infact!!Then again,I had some unexpected visitors...not that I dint want them.Just thatthey turned in at the wrong time.Finally,the day ended with a happy note....ofcourse,it woz a good night call from my best friend!Laughters after tears are sweeter!!!Dont you think so??

Friday, November 05, 2004

H a p p p p p p....p p p y!

"Are you my dream realized?
Or,my fantasy come true?
You show me dew-drops and I see diamonds;
You smile and I see heaven...."

Someway,today reminded me of these lines that I came across sometime back.
This day caught me happy and smiling!!
The lasting moments (I ve so many of them!!) in life are the simple ones, which are filled with the tender pleasures in life......and today I had one such sweet memory made!
If jumping is measure of being happy....then the world would be all pits!!!
I'm sooooooo happy :)

I am thankful for the umpteen blessings I ve been showered with.
Today,I'm humbled by yet another.... the manifestation of a beautiful friendship
and an of the box adventure!
Ppl,I'm getting a little too sentient :)

" Who are the happiest people..

An artist whistling at work.
A child building sand castle.
A mother bathing her baby.
And me for having a friend like you"

Somebody said this before I could ;)

I see some serene beauty in these lines and the beauty of these lines
again remind me of a beautiful movie "Life is beautiful".

ppl,guess I'm starting to babble...too happy to think I guess :)
So,smiling-off!!!(Oops I meant signing off!!)
Stay smiling :)

Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Ppl I'm losing my enthu 4 my blog these days.It has become more of a ritual.Not that I've lost my passion ...but just that I'm preoccupied with too many thoughts...delving into thinking too much has over-powered my writing.Something important happened the prev. did not have as much impact as it should.The closer I get to the other side of the river,I start to realize may be the grass is not that greener :) Wish I dont have to cross the river anyway.Speaking of anger,I really wish I knew how to make the most of the emotion.It sure is an art!I had always wanted to say the right things at the right time, in an assertive way and to get the message across.In some situations I'm strangled between two hurt or to get hurt....and somehow I'm not comfortable with the first and so I settle for the second ,just to find myself all the more uncomfortable :(Is there any place mid-way??