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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

As tear drops trickle..

Ppl,today or these days aint doing that good for me:(First,itz the lost feeling that haunts me,then aloneness,then misunderstanding...confused friends...well there were times when I thought I dint have to speak for them to understand..Now,they are doing the thinking for me and just that I do not conform to their thoughts.Ppl,when I started out typing this blog,I woz on a emotional hi...close to breaking,itz more than half an hour and I just feel numb.What ever it is, I want to be heading in a direction where my journey would get me some where better as a person,lots more happier and lots more sensible.So also I want my journey to be as wonderful as the destiny.I really dont know me very well.So the best thing to do is to be the best I can be.Staying positive that the sunshine after the showers will be beautifuller..."The day I aint smiling a single smile,Itz the day I aint living."

Thursday, January 13, 2005

A beautiful love...

Folks,today I got to see a beautiful manifestation of love.You know,the kinda love thatz so simple ,humble,plain and yet so beautiful,so filled with trust and respect for one another.Someway, I think it is through these little acts of love,that life makes greater meaning.Times like these ring the bell that life is beautiful,restores my faith in humanity and makes me want to live my life with more meaning ...with more love...At this moment as I see love through them,I pray that this togetherness stays for fill this world with their music ,to paint more colours to the rainbow,to make many a blossom bloom...The world needs so much of love,so much love...May the prince and the princess live happily forever ...

Friday, January 07, 2005

Crazy me!!!

Ppl, Let me start off wishing you a very Happy New Year filled with love,light and laughter.And now moving on to how crazy I can know,my blogging for the day I started else where and I finish it here...mad me!!!Then I woz alone, and now, here, in loving company.Now dont ask me watz so crazy about that??I always can ve an opinion of me....cant I??My blogging is so much like my life!!!I started some where with no clue as to where I wud go,and then I'm in this very beautiful part of the world where all the best of things and people engulf me...I rather put it people and know,I ve the best of all ...but the one I treasure ..the best of friends!!!So sweetly strange is life and so gentle and loving her hands shez leading me unto ....Ppl,I think I'm getting to a little of overdoing this stuff.So let me stop here!!And boy!!!I dint tell you about my New Year's day!!!It wos the most beautiful baby I ve ever seen!!!A day when all eternity stopped just for me!!!Wat I feel about the day,no words are good enough to say...Lotsa good things happening ,for which I can just be humbly thankful.Ppl,if you are looking for a contented spirit ...count me as one...I can never ask for more!!!So,while I relish this big sweet apple pie of life thatz in front of too bite into your cookie.Well cookie...that reminds me of yet another good time!!!Wat do I do??!!!Nothing Gab,just smile :)So while I stay smiling ,you stay smiling too!!!Wishing you all the smiles that the worls can hold!!!Or may much more that the world is not enough!!!Cheeeezzze :)