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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

One of those days..

Ppl,today is one of those days which keeps me busy doing nothing.Believe me :The hardest thing for any one or atleast for me to to be doing nothing.I look around and find that my life aint much different than that of the others around me.To the right of me,someone's wakefully watching over the virtual bears and bulls.Then,the two on the other side of my cubicle ,I cannot sight them...they must be busy caffeinating.Ofcourse therez also the bountiful Opportunities to deal with today;)The one to my left is busy improving his telephonic skills.Then ,there are those odd ones who are busy discussing records,uploading,design issues and stuff therein.Phew,then therez this mobile that incessantly keeps singing "Jingle Bells".I guess somebodyz celebrating the spirit of the season.Itz numbing cold,infact colder that at Christmas,(owe it to the A/C), and that might have mislead :pSo,thatz for now from my desk now.C ya folks!!!

Friday, April 22, 2005

One more time..

Ppl,just one more thought striking from the plane of philosophy.Today,I put on my headphones just in time to hear my favourite song play.Then this thought struck me:"How many times I ve missed out on my favourite song.....because I dint have my head phones on......because I dint know it woz playing"Guess lifez like that....the music is always there......just that you got to put the head-phones on.What ya say??

Monday, April 18, 2005

Lost to be found

I really wonder why so very many times I feel so lost,not knowing who am I'm,where I'm and where to am heading to.Sometimes,I dont even know if my road would take me to where I want to go...Even worse,I dont know where I want to go :(Is feeling lost part of life's design??I really wish life's patterns were all the more clearer that I may know the course of it.Would nt knowing where to go ,make life all the more vivid ?Or is it like knowing the destiny speeds up the trail and diminishes the happiness in the course of the journey?I remember "The missing Piece" by SilverStein,about how rolling very fast thru life,one is likely to miss out on the dew drop and the rainbow and the wriggly worm.But if I stop to marvel at them,wont I be way behind?If it is a race I'm running,what am I running it for and where does it take me???So many questions...So lost a feeling....waiting to be whom,where,how....I ve no answers :(Ppl,do you have the answers??

Friday, April 08, 2005


Ppl,today,I m job less.I set out to probe into the multitudinous of thoughts that aimlessly wander in the planes of my mind,which stretch out beyond the horizons ,into the ever farther ...never-ending ...I got just a bit philosophical, whacky ,crazy name it.Me would like to throw some intriguing thoughts to the philosopher in you...So, do you have it in you????Here you have it:"Life is like a bunch of grapes.Some are sweet,some are sour,Some are bitter, some are bland,Everyday, what you have,is what you take in your hand""The most cherished moments in life turn out to be those when you dared to make a complete fool of yourself ,stand afar and laugh at yourself""No task is difficult,provided, somebody is to do it or you ve done it ""Which takes more courage...hanging on or letting go?"Wow,Ppl,I never knew philosophy woz this eazzzzy??!I mean no offence!!!May be this is all crap...but as long as I can think and put my thoughts into words and words on the web...I know I'm living and breathing and thinking( Please read as breathing,living and thinking)...and I m stayin connected...I'm thankful!!!!Now,you be happy you have the world at your reach and you can read(even if that meant reading crap)!!!To be honest,I dont think any thought is crap or silly or long as you can think ....anything that comes to your mind is just great.There are nothing as good ,better or best thoughts....are there???you know what,having nothing to do is sometimes the best way to be ...aint it that way?Me seein a new me in me now!My thanks goes out to all those who were there on the 1st of April,giving me your valuable comments and suggestions.I now know how much you see yourselves in me.Thank you!!!I love you all!!!I just sounded like I woz at the Cannes...dint I ?? :pBtw, " < " really works!!!!<>

Friday, April 01, 2005


Phew!!!Today I had more put it as happiness or more streaks o' smile!!!!Ppl,dont you get into the rut of thinking about the SIGNIFICANT DAY this is!!!!The day started with me going for an early walk...ppl,I'M SERIOUS!!!!I started my walk at 5.00 am and woz charmed by the serene streets of the city.Boy!!!Did you know half the city woke up this early??!!!!Then,Wished my 6th grade teacher a very happy Birthday :)Now again,ppl ,think straight.Today woz really her birthday!!!Then ,calls to and from my spiteful circle of friends followed.Ppl,for me,this day made more sense than many others.First,it woz the dress-alike that woz kinda kiddish fun.Then,the sumptuous lunch from God's own country...more filling ...the company of wonderful ppl...then,LOL attribute="friend" property="crazy>the exemplar moment of craziness.......a crazy fderin of mine called me up and played my favourite song :) over the phone.............and guess what......all these happened over a long distance call /LOL>Now dont you start typing "Bad Syntax!!"...With my blog site I m not able to use anything close to tags!!!It would not lemme open I simply closed them!!!!This is the best I could come up with :pDoes any body have a clue???I'm so so happy that I have so many apple pie friends on my platter !!!!I'm relishing evry bite.But ,just that I dint get to see butterfly around for the past couple of days :(Ppl,thatz from my desk for now.C ya !!!