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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Counting my blessings

I ve been stewing these days and making lives rotten for me and ppl around me as well.So,I stop and count my blessings :* I'm alive to c this day.* I ve a home ...yeah...thatz soo soooo far :(,lemme forget that part...* I can read* My days are filled with music* I ve a degree* I get a pay every month dont ask about my job ...itz highly confidential?!!!!* I had been Hyderabad jlt* I had my favourite sweet and porridge for breakfast.* I ve the best of frenz :)* I ve tasted banana parathas* I ve had a great start this year* My brain ...itz still working!!!!* I'm without any debts...oh forget those itsy bitsy ones ;) I can always clear them* I'm learning something new everyday* I ve trekked* I ve played with exaltation* I make good know the ones with potato wafers,etc??* My folks...I ve a loving family * I'm my frenz' pet* Some trust me* Some count on me* Some think I'm an angel ....reaaaaallllly...I promise!!!!* Some believe that I make a fine friend* Some actually read my blog... well you are !!!* And so many forgive me...........So,many blessings...I'm losing count.Now,that I know how very special my life is ...I'm heading off to happy living !!!Happy living to all you folks!!!!C ya :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Work ways

Ppl,have you ever realised that just when you are not there, at that place, then,that most eventful thing happens ??Well,I certainly am not talking about being in Indonesia to meet Miss.Tsunami or being on the Amarnath trail.Whatz on my mind ..well...are those really sensible times where something happens and you just being there can boost up your morale...that kinda stuff...when you can say "Been there...done that".As for me,with nothing very happening at my end, am in the process of arriving at the best possible ways of using time.And these are my initial findings:* Call friends .Because, that way you maintain contact and keep in sync with watz up.Also,that reminds of your good times.* Collect information on watz hot in the industry ,the 'IN' thing.* Read articles on the happening tech stuff...for 3 reasons:1. You grow2.You finally ve somethign to do....and...3. there are meetings!!!!* Learn a foreign language* Pursue your passion or hobby* Think about what you are gonna do with life.So,thatz wat I ve to put down for now.Any word on that...speak up.C ya folks.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

To the Nizam's own country and back

Homed yesterday at mid noon back from the land of the Nizams'.Hyderabad woz HOT...I mean literal,reaaaal hot and fuming.Nevertheless,the city woz a charm...medley of modernity and conservatism.The city wakes up lazy at close to noon and stretches out well into midnight.Charminar,sure is a charm.Got me absolutely full of colors and so full of life....the hustle and the bustle...fills the mind with all hues and wafts of spices and perfumes.Woz reminded of "In the bazaars of Hyderbad" by Sarojini Naidu.Oh ...and the dashing beauties clad in burhas...mind you they were really dashing.IMax woz simply awesome...the screen and the effects!!!Next time I go there I'm sure to try climbing the wall there.The woz my staple food,which I washed down with ice lemon tea.It woz early in the morning that I set my foot at the Birla Mandir....the place simple fills the being with overwhelming serenity.A marvel in marble.Hyderabad Central,Life Style,Cool Club were the few other places I managed to tread on my own...picking some odd trinkets.Tried some typical Andhra food....nay not the Hyderabadi Biriyani.With the city so hot,it woz a big no no for the spices.Some eateries that I would suggest are Malgudi,Baseera and breakfast buffet at Taj Tristar(especially on a sunday morn).So,thatz about my travel to Nizams' land.Just one more thing ...never ever think of making it to the Nizams' land during the summers.You might as well choose to get yourself onto a barbecue grill !!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Licking my wounds

I'm in very bad shape today :(My incessant ear pain,guilt,lost and lonely feeling and adding to that I'm sulking...I'm licking my wounds and makin them worse !!Nothing bad actually happened..itz all in my mind...and now as I blog...I feel hungry(Despite my satiating breakfast!).Then,I feel like I ve done nothing particularly useful for the day.Phew.......I'm sounding like toxic dump??!!!!Yeah I know I still have hours of the day left to work on...but my crazy mind just would not let the thought in!!!I m waiting to go on a spree...all by myself ...watching ppl,things and happenings...munching on some junk and sipping in some steaming chocolate.Lookin at the clock tick...waiting for the party time .Some how,I feel soo much better after this ritual :)Btw,folks ,do you follow any such ritual to sweep off all those crappy thoughts and start afresh and positive??If so,speak up....I 'm all here to hear !!!!!