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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Another home-coming : PART I

Its a long long time since I inked my thoughts.....more so... since I thought. Life s been keeping me frenzy with me juggling many a thing..that I hardly kept any count.
This blog is about making up...for all those faded memories,unregistered thoughts, sweet happenings, sweeter nothings....all that had eluded from getting blogged.
I ll start off with an occasion...not just another occasion ...but a very special day for me and more so for all the people whoz life I ve entered ...and made a complete mess :p
Kudos if you guessed it B Day!!!
This B day was very very different from the ones I used to have...not just that I m another year wiser...but for the new people...newer places and in fact a newer life.The dawn rose with a medley of emotions which I shall not try to explain.I shall simply put it as a 'not-so-good'.
My thanks to all those calls , wishes and gifts...special thanks to Peeps for the beautiful turned me red...literally.Ventured out on my own to attend a friend's wedding.Came back and plopped on the couch and settled for a sweet slumber.
Dropped in at Gee 's place...went on a whirly shopping , had my share of fun-for-the day , was brooding over why things were the way they were... and then that was that .
The day was just not my day....who cares..I have an entire year ahead :- )
The day reminded me of this quote,
"Change is the only permanent thing".

End of PART I.