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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A new-age professional's survival kit

I was looking at my life and that of folks who sail trhe professional boat with me and when i questioned what are our lives made of,these are the things that blaringly struck me:

* mails (especially the appealing forwards) ,if in S/W
* A camera mobile with pictures we seldom transfer
* Minimum 1 meeting per day
* Wednesday itches (intensity subject to variation)
* Minimum 3 cups of coffee per day
* An average of 3 personal calls per day
* Minimum 2 team lunches per month
* One team building/outing per month.
* Treats for the most inconsequential of reasons.
* Hang-outs with friends over the weekends
* A lucrative pay at the end of the month
* An yearly appraisal to crib / conference over
* Intermittent trips to onsite/campus recruitment
* Occasional pangs of loneliness echoing from the hollow of our lives.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Hippocratian Science is sick :-(

Hippocrates, The father of medicine , laid down the Hippocratic Oath ,as ethical guidelines.

Taking this oath is a rite, as one steps into practicing medicine and it remains so.
When will the medicos give life to it?

Or if making wealth is all these games are about, there are more lucrative jobs.Why mess with medicine , putting priceless lives at stake?

When would this change?Where would it start?

Questions currently pounding my brain:
Why are drugs banned in other countries not banned in India?

How should one choose a doctor or a medical institution?

How are details of banned drugs communicated to the practitioners?

Where does one find details of banned drugs?

Is there any governing authority for periodic inspection of hospitals?

Which one?

So many tablets in front me,
in all shapes and colours I see.
Which one do I gobble,
I just go by "hitsy, bitsy,hobble".

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Can't-think-of-one syndrome - IV

I feel light.I m neither happy nor sad.My day is overflowing with chores and I m on my toes.Still, I feel like I have so much time!!!I ll pick up the half-read book that lies under my pillow.Its titled 'Intimacy' , penned by Osho.Osho and I share the same birthday :)

These days, say, for the past one week, I m enjoying a peculiar calm within and a cheer unperturbed by the mundane issues.And for me cheer translates into chirpy.

Over this weekend, I had a great realization :House-keeping is real tough job :-( Keeping an eye on the door, answering calls, keeping count of the number of cooker whistles , not letting the curry charr,dhobi, maid, instructions,paper, milk-man, fixing the menu without repetition (reaal tough brain work...the considerations and criteria to keep) , waterboy , not letting the motor overflow,folding clothes, listing and replenishing exhausted groceries ....gosh ...I need a breather!!!!

Until now, I dint know my house-hold was filled with sooo much action!!!I ve never done any of the chores at home...before stepping into married life.Its always been crisp ironed dresses, warm food and fresh sheets on my bed I ve seen.Probably I was oblivious to the fact that someone was actually running the show...making life easy for me!!

Now, with so much change happening, I continue to surprise myself day-in and day-out!!!My turn to make lives easy for my folks.I give myself a pat for the not-so-bad home-maker I ve blossomed into :-)

Keeping my fingers-crossed that I sustain this spirit through the week.

My humble salutations goes out to all those beautiful home-makers,who with their unspoken ,often-undermined efforts, make lives easy at their house-holds.They sure are domestic angels who make things work and make it seem like magic !!!