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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A snap-shot of me...

If this title makes you wonder why...dont think hard.Way back, I started out with this title as a series and somewhere in the lane , lost count.Now, too lazy to do a look-up.

Just now ..I finished 6 fortune cookies ...and I need as much fortune as I can have.

Dont ask me why and I ll start-off with a whole new episode of whining and cribbing.
Well...things are nt all that bad!!!!

For the little seed of hope they sow..I love fortune cookies.

Are you in the club?

Friday, April 06, 2007

A snap-shot of me...

The way I feel now ... and one of my favourite lines..

Taking advantage of me is one thing I simply cannot stand.People who know me and know me well... dont do that.Itz just the people who simply cross my way.That is even more disgusting!!

I bend ...I dont stoop.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

My Denver Days - IV Pikes Peak

Well ...this is where the tint of adventure begins to surround the picture ;-)
Pikes Peak , 14,110 feet above sea level , is one of the tallest peaks of Colardo mountains.
The most exciting thing about the drive up the peak is the number of hair-pin bends adding to thr thrill are the
curvy roads without any bunds.One slip can take us tumbling and that was one thing that was freaking me all thru,
despite the thrill.

One major fun that we had is at the snow fields half-way up the ascent.
I got a little lucky in our snow war...not as much hurt.Well luck apart..I was running from my attackers like crazy!!!

Up the Pikes peak , we had hot chocolate.Well, hot chocolate had never been this good
...warming me up against the biting cold winds.

We did spot some mountain goats and the special thing about them is that their hoofs
keep them firm on snow and rocks.Lets not get too technical here :-)

As the screen lowers ...the drive down was as much fun..and now its snap-time :-)

The Drive up..

Ute Pass

View atop

Snow war victim ...well thatz me !!

Can you believe ...we were standing up at an altitude higher than the clouds!!

Mountain goats

A souvenir to keep...

Monday, April 02, 2007

My Denver Days - III Aspen Mountains

Monday morning is such an odd time to be blogging!!But here I m doing just that thing...thanks to all the stuff we call dependency.God bless dependencies!!!

So , before I ve someone plays the peek-a-boo I ll quickly run you through the Aspen Mountains.Driving past Glenwood(known for itz hot-springs) took us to a pretty beautiful view of the Aspen, the snow-covered mass soaring into the sky is so much of a beautiful sight.

The hanging lake was were we waded thru the freezing water ...and my feet turned numb and my heart felt warm.Thanks to our tour guide Naatmai ...we got to see one of the less-known beautiful trails and a half done bridge.We enjoyed watching skiers as I had nt learnt skiing then :-p

The day we had been to Aspen was St.Patrick's day and there was quite a lot of merry-making and Irish fun happening in the town.Guess they had built the whole place up with just luxury and fun in mind.I spotted a lotof Harley-Davidsons and they got me pretty excited...the bikes and the bikers :-)

I tried Lasagne for dinner at a local eatery, which i dint like as much...too cheesy.
I liked the one Deepa had made a couple of weeks back.The walk down the streets of Aspen, after the dinner,with my bro was one thing I enjoyed the most.Everyone needs a brother :-)

I think I m getting pretty aweful in putting down stuff about the places I had been to.So, I m leaving you here with snaps which wud do the job better.

Aspen, here we come

Aspen ...standing tall

One ....two ....Skii

The bridge across...

P.S: Just when I thought I m done with this post ...I hit upon this thought ( during a conversation with a frend).

"With life , there are some searches , that even google does nt have answers for" :-p