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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Too tired to give a name now...

3 days flew by in a wink.Before I cud realize I m here at my pod work.

Friday was good ..with my own private party ...a party that dint leave me with a head ache.

Saturday ... was by myself ...lost all sense of time...I cant remember anything sensible I did.It was food , movies , music and sleep.

Two days was too much to go without any solid food..yeah I lived on cream crackers,yogurt, juices and junk food for 2.5 days.Now that I cud take it no more,Sunday, resorted to cooking a full course meal .A couple of frenz came over for lunch.Wanted to go to the park nearby...but like with life,not everything happens as planned in a day.So was home mostly.

Monday got me on my toes..lotsa cleaning,washing , vaccuming , dishes , ..and finally the nice big chunk of sleep I so deserved after the tiresome work.

I guess I m rattling-off all this junk in an effort to clear-off my clutter.I miss being the innocent, happy-go-lucky soul I used to be,I m nothing but cribbing and whining !!

My hard drive needs formatting.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

My Soliloquy

It has been quite a while since I have spoken to myself...despite the fact that it is very important to me.I ve been stuffing my baggage with keep-sakes...forgetting my survival kit.And now that I choke I ve come back to my home and my soliloquy.

I ve never been a person i would be happy to be.Its always been there ...something or the other... short-comings, dilemmas, identity crisis , rust , spooky corners , wilderness, cheap dirt, fear, darker elements.

There are times when i actually think if there is any sane reason i live, a purpose.Invariably every time I fail miserably to spot one.

And there is this other thing I go thru very often, with love and with people.Sometimes I m so full of love and compassion and then there are others when I m stone cold to the self-same people I love soo much.Sometimes I love people around and sometimes I dont.And then times when I m scared , lost and lonely...when I feel like curling up and sleeping into eternity.Sometimes I m a stranger to myself.

All that said therez just one thing I hang on belief in the goodness of people.I believe people are good time or other.That very same thought leads me to believe that may be I m good too!! Yeah I know I sound crazy...I know I m.Everyonez crazy...just in their own ways.

After a real long time I got into this pointless self-talk...I feel the pressure ease-off.I m breathing me...I m myself again ...not as much though:)

Looking forward to the long weekend ...where it will just be I , me and myself...we have so much to talk...for all the times that ve been missed.

Happy weekend folks !!!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

My Denver Days - V - Royal Gorge

Itz been more than a month since I returned from my Denver trip and here I m still making time here and there to write my post on that. Work has never been more filling.

But this post is the most special of all :-)As it has been through-out the trip I was with a great bunch.That apart...

The Royal Gorge is one place where nature and human compete with each other in filling you with awe. Nature fills one with awe with its astounding fall for its overwhelming depths.The view atop the peak makes one speechless.If you are a crazy nut like are sure to fall on your knees.Believe me I was almost in overswhelming.

Just when one revels in the awe of the mighty nature ...the Golden Gate Bridge across the gorge , defying all structural impossibilities.Hanging 1,053 feet above Colorado’s wild Arkansas River, the Royal Gorge Bridge is the world's highest suspension bridge. Whether itz driving or walking across ...the experience is truly awesome.


Oh ..if you thought this is about it...hang on ...I got my own share of freaking adventure to share with you :-)

I did this!!!

SkyRocketing poles...

Sky-rocketing poles ...a Close up

Yes...I did skyrocketing!!!Well ..I ve to say I survived sky-rocketing.A truly exhilarating experience....flying in and out of the deep gorge....up in the sky one moment and in the deep gorge the very next.

Lemme explain in detail...we were a group of three who ventured out to sky-rocket.We were drawn up across the 2 poles supporting the cord hooked to our vests.And on reaching the maximum height,(110 feet from ground...remember we are already atop a peak) we have to let ourselves go by pulling a tag in our vest.And I was the one with the tag and pulling that tag was one of the toughest things I have ever done in my life.I almost lost my breath! What followed was an eerie first swing up the sky and into the gorge.From the second swing on I was sort-of enjoying my flight...a bit nervous as well.The experience was sooo thrilling and revealing.I know I wud sound like trying to explain how does sweet taste.I m just trying here.

Now , I m walking in a trance ...bitten by the adventure bug.Truly exhilarating an experience!!

Other stuff I got to do was travel down the gorge in a winch( I dont know if I m spelling it right), spotting some mountain goats, Big-horns (Of which one was gracious enough to pose for me :-) ) and yaks.

THE BRIDGE from below

Looking up...

Looking down ...

The gracious one :-)

Yaks...shud ve been called yucks...they stink!!!

Guess this post is getting packed here.I stop here and will get back into my zombie world of coding.Looking forward to more adventure to share with you all.