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Monday, June 02, 2008

A snap-shot of me

It is easier to be kind to a stranger.Being unaware of the human vagaries is the key.Knowledge sometimes makes things complicated , decisioning more biased and emotions bleary.For now, suffering one such malady.People who know me well, know my feeble EQ, bitter temper, effervescent patience and the many things I run away from.To others I m simple, plain good.

Today is the kinda day that just is not quite right. One more whiff and I m bound to break.I am feeling like i felt in by-gone days ...wishing to curl-up and sleep, long and deep, until sleep washes away all my pain.Not that I m in immmense pain...just that I ve been safe from hurt for quite a while that it hurts like new.

There are always people whom I wish I dint know or places I was not there ...then.Every shoven thought, repressed view comes rushing back, like I hit the restore button.But that changing the past is not even an option, the best thing would be to gather the pieces and move on.What with the present? On that , I ll slumber for a while.I will wake up to a new dawn :)