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Monday, March 22, 2010


Change is like trying on a pair of stashed footwear... makes you feel off-balance for a wee while and then ...fits like a charm , warm, welcome and refreshing :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Unnai pOl Oruvan

My weekdays are very very hectic ...and I prefer them that way. And weekends get by in laying things in place for the week ahead.I am a stickler for good times...and good times are when I get to do things I love - reading , watching movies , sleeping , gardening, baking, whipping up stuff, cleaning, music - listed in no particular order.A minimum of two of these are sure in-thing for weekends.

After catching-up on a hearty nap (of modest 3 hrs), I decided to watch 'Unnai pOl Oruvan' - long pending on my must-watch list.OMG....'awesome' is such an understatement!!! The movie was perfect to the T...the story, cast , screenplay, visuals et all...just everything about it.

There is this thing about people who love their job...not only does it show in their work , but also there is an air of goodness about it.Kamal lives his passion and it sure does show.For the ways in which he makes me a better movie watcher , a better fan ...I am thankful.Kamal, you are truly are an inspiration!!!

On that note , I leave you folks ...wishing you all a great week ahead!!!

Stay smiling...

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Womens' Day

I sat down to blog ...then being the person I am lost in the web of yummy , yummy food blogs with pictures that make people drool ...literally.

Coming back to my title, I ve never been anywhere close to being a feminist.Having been treated like a princess ...or tom-boy to be honest , the cherub I am, I ve nt had the oppotunity to get into the mind-set of a feminist.Touch-wood , I am being treated like a fellow human ....not a gurl or lady( gosh...those years?!!) to be more specific.

I am not for exclusivity .I believe it marks the beginning of difference.I like being treated equal or more equal , if that suits ;)

Every person on earth deserves to LIVE their life , to make thier choices , to breathe the air of freedom, dream their dreams ...

If you are a woman reading this post, Happy Womens' Day to you!!!

And if you are the other kind .....give my wishes to the special ladies in your life :)

All you folks out a's beautiful.Trust me is.

P.S: I just had the perfect weekend !!!!