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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Looking behind my shoulder

With another new year fast approaching I had a quick backward glance.The year has been a challenging one ...truly challenging ...translating to tremendous learning.I took a real bold decision , by which I ve surprised myself.I am just glad I m sticking with it.

No remarkable happenings ... not an eventful year either.

Nothing lost , nothing gained...quite an average year so to speak.

With another month to go ...I might be in for a twist.Thatz the best thing about life...the unpredictability ...the mystery...the surprise.

Even as I hear fears and uncertainitiesn hammmering inside my head , I feel grateful for the beautiful ways in which my life has been blessed.

Life sure is beautiful :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Words and what they mean

Just as I was mopping the floors today I was thinking about some words ...their meanings and the way I interpret them.Words like 'humility', 'courteous', 'considerate'.I felt that some of them were so similar and somehow I dint want them to be the same. So was trying to give my own interpretation like 'humility' is not being too proud to ask for help.While 'courteous' is being polite enough to offer help , 'considerate' is actually helping without waiting for a response , doing something that needs to be done.

And then out of no-where I said a prayer..."God, help me be humble.But if I have to choose between 'humble' and 'considerate' , help me be considerate."

Phew...whatz with me?!!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I am here and I am happy :)

Well...that is that . "I am here and am happy." Honestly, this very moment as I type out this post...I truly understand and cherish the joy of being in present.The bygone moment , the aftermath of now...nothing matters except NOW.Loving it.

About the months that fled by ...those have been so full of experiences and loads of learning.These days I am working hard on taming my temper.Quicker cool-off is what I ve learned to do. I am far far away from where I want to be.

If child psychology interests you "Children : The Challenge" by Rudolf Dreikurs is one awesome read.'t was an accidental pick from a thrift store.But so glad that I did.Reading it second time over to make notes.

Got some reading to do before I hit the sack.

Selamat tidur :)