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Monday, July 01, 2013

It is that time of the year

Yes it is here : That time of the year when  the need to get somewhere sets in and is achingly strong. It is making me sleepless and it is making me blog :)

 I do have enough on my plate to keep myself busy. If the question is "Am I being efficient?", the answer sadly turns out to be a big , bold "NO!!!"

This feeling of wanting to get better feels good. I have an intuition that one day I am going to take this quite seriously and am gonna surprise myself :)

Well, that said , I have to confess this can be quite a fleeting thought . Once I have quite a sizable chunk of a work, meaningful or otherwise, I am more likely to be lost behind the pile. The need to be busy is so over-powering that it sub-plants the need to be efficient.

Have been doing a bit of introspection to find out that one thing that I am super-good at. Know what ...the only ever thing I could come up with is "Being a good self-critic!!!" I know I can do better than that!!! An honest review tells me I am being too self-critical.

So, I am revamping this exercise to be an extraspection(?!) - where I am gonna take inputs from my friends and well-wishers to know what is it I am good at that I can leverage on to get further.

If you know me well and you happen to read this , I need your ten cents. Do share that one thing that I am really really good at ...that surface that I can scratch to dig for my treasure.

Thanks in advance.

Oh ... about the long hiatus on  this blog...I have been writing way too many on my head. They simply did not get here :)

A quick update: She is one bubbly, adventurous toddler with way too many questions on her head and is all about exploring. Life in general is good and for that I am thankful :)