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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Just another Rambling ...

It has been years ... and coming back to blogging feels like visiting grandma's home: the familiar smells, the mirth of worn-out sofa, memories flooding ...mostly fond ones.

We are just back from our trip to India , a rather awesome trip ....a wedding, pilgrimage, catching up with friends , shopping like frenzy.

This post ensues a discussion with my friends from college, a rather brief one. One conversation was around why people blog ...and being a(n) (intermittent) blogger myself , I tried to explain it as a medium of expression. But I was not happy with my supposition. Looking for an answer, I came back to reading my older posts here.

As the tortoise coil swirled and I read one post after another, I had the eureka moment : I blog because it makes me happy.

I firmly believe that every person deserves to be happy. If something is legal, moral, does not make life difficult for another person  , makes you happy, then you definitely should do it. And that is exactly what I am doing ....churning out this post :)

A quick heads-up on my space ... life is busy in a rather nice way, mothering 2 beautiful girls: One a hyper-active toddler who is full of questions, who loves to defy any instruction given to her and a super naughty toddler with a sunny disposition, who firmly believes she is entitled to have everything she wants ... no exceptions whatsoever.

Work is work and on the personal front , I have not spent much time doing the things I wanted to do. I must make time and do a little more reading , writing, learning new stuff, sporting, a few new tricks. I cant seem to get enough !!!

I do not know the next time I will hit this space with a post ...but until then,like they say in Looney Tunes : "That's all folks !!"