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Monday, February 28, 2005

How to name it?

Ppl,you know acting totally bizarre today!!!My day started on a lazy low note and then I wonder how things just follow the self-same trail?!!!Am doing the wimpy kinda stuff of sulking and then wanting to curl up and wanting to go into a slumber...This is not the way I want to be starting my week!!!!And ppl,did I tell you there ve been a lot many things happening in my corner of the world??So many things that I ve become oblivious of some of them...To just paint you a hazy ppl have come ,newer responsibilities,more expectations ....stuff like that.Donno if I ll be able to handle them.You know I really want to curl up and sleep!!!Today I was aimlessly surfing and then ther was this Anne Gedde's page I reached.And then....I had a reason to smile and a ray of hope.Somehow Babies have the indomitable power in being so fragile.This reminds me, being gentle, can in some strange sense, manifest power and being vulnerable can itself be a source of being conquering.The most powerful things in life are the most delicate things.Oh I forgot my strange ways...I woz losing my temper and self-sympathy looming high and then sulking and a medley of negative emotions....Yuk!!!!Now,after having given much thought and having acknowledged those emotions,I'm in a position to get hold of them and spur them to control : -)You know this smile I smile...itz the kind I just cant put my finger on....I'm at a loss of words.So,now that I'm not feeling all that bad I think itz hightime I did something of worth for the day.MLTR's '25 minutes' is playing now and boy...itz so beautiful a song!!!Life is beautiful ...even thru a tear drop!!!!Thatz for now...C ya ppl!!!: )