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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Open ?? Closed??

"Personality can open doors,but only character can keep them open. "-Elmer G. LettermanThis had been my signature quote yesterday.This opened up a discussion about my doors .Well,speaking of my world ....faring through is pretty easy....a few exchanges of smiles and hi and then you are on the escalator to my world.About staying there...well, you choose your own role....being a passer-by, an on-looker, a companion,a team-mate,an acquaintance,a comrade,a close friend ,a best friend or much more ...a part of my soul.How long you stay depends very much on whether you choose to stay and for how long.Then,about my streets....some are so full of colours,fragrances and life like the bazaars of Hyderabad...but then,there are some dull,grey streets which may just lead you to dead ends....then there are some paths untrodden.And ofcourse the secret alleys I shall keep off from anyone and some... even I m deluded from knowing.Every time a person walks past the doors to my world....a new path is paved ,foot prints,rendezvous et all.Where the path leads ...I leave it to the might of choice and time and space.So,thatz about it ....all I can think and share about my world.Au revoir:)

Omnipotent God???

Oh please....dont get me wrong...I do believe in supra existence!!!What I want to share with you is about my today's visit to a tsunami shattered fishing village.If you think I'm going to talk about the losses and grief and the pain....well you are in for a topple.If Tsunami proved to the world the vigour of nature and the painful helplessness of,as I see ,is pay-back time!Itz about how mankind sprung back to life and fullness with all zeal and how they ve managed to make a beautiful pattern out of their shattered lives.With their smiles,they ve painted colours over the grey of void and pain.Their love for 'The Lady' still remains!!To be God...huh ... must be dull and mundane!!Lifez always too good ...endless wellspring of power,music,breeze,peace and pretty angels with wands and lyres ,and then ...therez no place better :(Playing monopoly ... can you imagine what a drab it can be??But facing the vagaries of life,fighting the odds,surviving the blows and then rising to life with so much passion and hope,...the indomitable will of humans and the undying hope.... in that I see fullness given to the meaning of life.That reminds me of "Magnanimity lies not in never falling.But rising after every fall".

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Paradigm shift ;)

Ppl, woz n't I talking about wanting to work and then about being cured of the malady of job-lessness???Well,today I experienced a paradigm shift!!!!Being jobless is bliss... a panacea to the the humdrum routine of making things,fixing some and then praying fervently for things to fall in place while waiting.A worser scenario is when you know that all your work is most likely to get scrapped and still you have to work and pray !!!Today things just fell into a beautiful pattern :pFirst,I woke up late(..well no reason woz good enough for me to wake early),lazily pulled myself together and scurried to office and then my machine woz so much like the lazyme...all stutter and stagger.Then ...finally it gave up on my IDE ...that meant I dont have to work today!!!A break just when I wanted one....and that made me think....and then boom....THE SHIFT!!!Even if I can work doing without it....why on earth would I do that ??!!!So,that leaves me with a thoughtful system,a dead IDE and a happy me...blogging gleefully...with an occassional smile .And if you are smitten by a writer's bug or a creator's rodent,then you ll be more that happy to be at where I hit upon recently.With the day unfolding and stretching out so lethargically beautiful...lemme toss in a little of my hues ....more fun and frolic.Herez a toast to my dead IDE !!!Tomorrow ...."Bug's life" would be up and airing (scaring??!!!), today...I shall celebrate!!!!!