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Thursday, October 06, 2005

The value of life...

Ppl, itz quite sometime that I ve taken personal time to do my, write , dream, think of things...and nothings...Life has kept me busy and running.Just to give a quick peek on what I ve been upto...I blogged in the good old fashion of using a pen and paper...thatz bcos I just cud not find time to lay my hands on my computer...atleast for noble purposes;)So I ve be putting those back dated entries in here ..sometime.I ve taken a new road and the far so good:)Having mellowed enough about that..I have some serious thoughts to share with you all.Ppl, does every living person on earth know the worth of life?Every one of us will sure make a big difference to atleast a single soul ...right?And by ourselves, we would be worthy of the trust of atleast one person...right?If only evry person has someone to trust and be worthy of someone's trust...why do a certain lot choose to do away with life?Is it the world is all so scary or we are not here around making life livable for them?I feel like we are making a big individuals and as a out a wrong message.As much as we look closely at those shining bright...we shud lend an empathetic hand to the troubled ones.We should learn the lesson of getting the message and reading the signs.The whole point is about trust...being trustworthy and family, friends, one-self and more than all in life."The miracle is not to fly in the air, or to walk on the water; but to walk on the earth",goes a chinese proverb.Makes sense ..aint it?