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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Obscurities of work life

This piece of text is an effort to vent out my thoughts pertaining to the kind of job people like me hold. This is a plain and direct consequence of the mysterious way in which work works or work does not work.

Let me explain the sequence of events to paint a clearer picture:

1. What do you expect when you go for your job, especially as you flag off your career. Work to do, is not it? Well, that was even what I expected. But reality is really a mad dog. It bites hard.
The way things work here, in S/W industry at least is, you will have a job and no work. If you are someone, who is happy with a heavy pay alone, blessed you. You are for sure an object of my envy.
2. The good thing is you can always raise your apprehensions, questions what so ever. Hold! Hear me right. You shall expect no sensible response. Yours is a multiple choice question for which the answer will be one of these:
(a) We are working on that.
(b) We will look into it.
(c) It is not within my scope.
(d) You can go ahead and join the others in that work. (Mind you… work may not necessarily really mean work: p)
If the answer you get is none of the above and makes a little more sense, consider yourself lucky.
3. Another question that leaves me scratching my head is “What do I do if the work I m assigned to is not even work??!!”
Let me draw an analogy. What would you if your job is to swat mosquitoes and there are n’t any (Consider I m talking about the Artic. There are n’t any mosquitoes in the Arctic. Are there???) ?? Worse case, I ‘ve someone to review if I ‘ve swat all the mosquitoes. Sometimes, I smirk at the thought that I ‘m in a better position than that guy.
4. Thinking of the way leadership head swirls. Is it not the responsibility of the leads to keep the team together and working?? Well, what they do is in remote sense close to that. Grape vine is almost the official means of communication and that is glossily named “Informal Communication”.
Have you heard of being assigned to projects by a casual chat and oddly hours of night (9.30 at night is certainly not the time to think of assignment to projects!!)?
Sometimes I end up looking at my team-mate as James Potter would look at Voldemart.
Another instance is the thousand and one things that happen to the project you work without your knowledge and then finally you are assigned to a task, which leaves you absolutely clue less.
Wish I were in espionage before I came in here. Then, I ‘ll be better prepared to fish, hunt, investigate for information.

Here, I choose to limit my idiosyncrasy of being a writer instead of software professional, for two reasons:
1. I ‘ve ran out of thoughts.
2. It is time to head home, I m done with my 9 hrs. WORK day J