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Thursday, June 29, 2006

You have an answer?

An ideal wife portrayed in sanskrit as:
"Roopekshu lakshmi,
karyeshu mantri,
karmeshu daasi,
bhojyeshu maatha,
shayaneshu veshya,
kshamaya dharitri" ,

which means

that as ideal wife is characterized as bearing the looks of Lakshmi (Hindu Goddess of wealth),a wise counsel in executing tasks,a devout servant in offering service, provides like a mother , a whore in bed and to top it Mother Earth is patience.

If this is about an ideal-wife, what is it for a ideal-husband ?

Tough one ...there..hmm?

P.S: Thanks to pramod - I picked this quote from his orkut profile.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Trip to my home-town

Had been to my home-town for a quick break.Trichy has not lost itz charm - the calm environment and the simple people.
Three days of dedicated sluggishness - stuck fervently to the routine of eating, sleeping and watching movies.
The world without CAS(Conditional-Access -System) is so abundant of choices!!!
Listing few things that I clung to on the television and my review:

Conspiracy theory - A faint plot ...well handled
Leave it to Beaver- Another coochy-coochy father-son story
Gia - A piece of life (The movie is actually the life story of Gia , a model)
Spartacus - A historic piece ( Infact I had seen another version of it)
Ed - KG
Vinnukum mannukum - spiced-up filler.

Friends-Season 10 - Entertaining... as always :-)

Got the book that PK had suggested - "What whould I do with my life" by Po Bronson.Started off with it a little.
Discussed stuff with Nimmi...aahhh...sweet old days :-)
The good thing about some special friends is that you can move on with life and then come back and feel like you ve always been in touch.All differences in space and time lose their meaning.Glad that I found one in Nimmi.In fact, I ve a bunch of them :-)

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Passing thoughts...

We are easy on us when it comes to being good or bad , the standards we set.We always have a mistaken notion that not doing bad is being good.On the contrary, doing good is being good.

On trusting and being trust-worthy,both are closely associated with how happy a person is.The more one is trusting and trust-worthy, the more happy he is.
Thinking in the same line, I somehow feel that it is ok to trust and be at loss than not to trust at-all.

Below is an SMS from a friend on trust.

"Trust should be like the feeling that a one year old baby has.
When you throw him in the air , he laughs.
Because he knows you will catch him."

I ve to teach myself that lesson over again.I know it is a tough one though.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

A thought born of a mother ...

My unborn child,

I dont know what colour you would be,
but you would be my rainbow.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Can't-think-of-one syndrome - III

I m sitting and typing this post right in the middle of the night (my system shows 12.34 am).Until I started typing out this post , I was blog-hopping.Not that I m going bonkers over blogging , just that I am having pangs of sleepless-ness.Itz been a real long day for me infact...the wake ing up before dawn,the work-out, cooking, house-keeping, meetings and tasks...and after all that I am as actively nocturnal as a barn-owl ! (Barn-owls are nocturnal ...aren't they?)

Remembering the days when people who know me envied me for the gift of sleep I had ...I could then put the dormouse to shame , unperturbed by deafening decibels of sound or dreams or what-so-ever.

Time takes its toll.

Nothing remains.

Everything passes.

Sweet slumber...I long for thee.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Mistaken identity :-)

As I ve typing out my previous post , I heard chirping of birds (just like how it used to be back at my home town) in close vicinity and then I was telling to myself how beautiful life surrounded by nature is.I really was all smiles!
After quite a while it struck me that I had slipped into nostalgia , while my phone was incessantly ringing ...with the "Good morning call" ringtone **LOL**

Driven blanks...

With just one more exam to go , and that being quite some days away ... here I m back into my blogger bean-bag :-)

I have some wonderful , people who are chO chO chweeet that they make me go blank.Let me narrate ... I had escaped work under the pretext of my exams and my folks here thought that this was just the perfect time to go vacation :-)They with my other chO-chweet folks call up before and after exams wishing me luck (just what I need the most !) and asking me about how I performed .
But...what do I say ... one was a maths paper , which I stand a little chance of clearing ( ...thatz if the evaluator is on earth with the mission of redeeming miserable souls like me ...or the other way around...saving the brutal slaying of numbers )
And for the other theory paper , I prepared ...gulping down mid-night Fanta and munching on anything edible at sight...ofcourse while I studying.
Just when I thought I was prepared and hit the exam center I discovered I had prepared for the wrong paper !!!
Perfect picture."Just what I needed",I told myself ... a challenge to my under-utilized creativity.The rest you know!
On today's exam I hope to have a decent score , well, I had so proactively prepared for it ;-)

One more thing I wanted to share with you is how I met a school-mate of mine at the exam hall , while I was happily scanning the exam crowd (The reason is obvious : I had nothing better to do !!). I hit upon this familiar face and she returned a smile , right across the exam halls (yeah I was in one and she was there in the one rigth opposite mine).

Later , we exchanged plesantaries and numbers and some whoz-where , where n what stuff then asked me if I was the same old hyper , fidgety gurl I used to be ...what do I say ?!

She asked about whether I was in touch with my lost and found friend again ...what do I say?!

P.S:This post rendered after a half-hour tiff with Blogger.

Lesson learnt : Next time around I should pay attention to Blogger's down time!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Can't-think-of-one syndrome - II

Yeah ...yet another time the lame-ness syndrome returns...

This time the symptoms are expressing bold, italicised and what not.I am feeling a mixture of tiredness, sleep-walking and a wee-bit sulky and also a tinge dreamy.In fact I find things around hard to grasp and am experiencing a delay in comprehensing :-(

May be itz the dope :-p...may be the endless-chats,right through the nights, with my door-mouse cousin Tina, who desperately is on the look out to buy a college seat (pray shez in for a good deal), the travelling , cooking and oh I almost forgot...the two movies I had been to over this weekend(One "Pudupaettai" : night show :: bad option :-( If anyone gives me the exact count of the slain ones in the movie I am awarding them a bottle of nice , fresh, juicy blood.The screen was full of slaughter and blood-shed that I was feeling pucky and sticky of blood all-over.Eeek!!The other,"Thiruttu payalae" , seemed so much better after having watched the killer concoction.Infact , the plot was quite new to Tamil cinema and has been handled pretty well.Suchi's voice for Malavika weaves a magic.The climax was realistic and well-picturised), everything added up to the muddled-up me who is hazily typing this post out.This I m doing coz I m too confused to work, I dont want to blow up my code :-)

Well, work keeps me really really busy these days and to add to it I ve my exams comin up .I have to scrimmage for my books , I dont know where on earth they are :-(

The set up I m running must be through by now.Work calls !!
Signing off from cyber space ...