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Sunday, July 30, 2006


Yesterday,I got to file my income tax returns.Kudos to the IT department , they had put up a real good show in place.Evrything was good...the help-desk, service, seating arrangement, food stalls, aeration et all...

Whilst the IT department is making things work at the employee level, puppeting the business class to pay taxes has been far from reach .Who would bell the fattened cats??I m playing an inquisitive on-looker here :-)

Thursday, July 13, 2006

A thought on marriage

Over tea, Karthik shared this thought and I thought it meant so much sense as to put it down here (ofcourse with my own improvising ).

Dont marry someone for the beauty's sake.
With time, beauty fades.
Dont marry someone for intellect's sake.
With time, you may not feel as good enough.
Dont marry someone for the money.
With time, money may not seem all that important.
Dont marry someone because one is quick-witted.
With time, quick-wits may not seem all that impressive.
Dont marry someone because one seems not-all-that-bad.
With time that can head towards the gorges.
Dont marry someone because you have a time-crunch.
With time, you might feel you could ve waited for eternity.
Dont marry someone because you dont want to hurt someone.
With time, someone would have moved on.
Dont marry someone because you have everything else on your list checked.
With time, you ll know marriage is not just another task to be done with.
Dont marry someone to settle down.
With time, you ll know marriage is not about settling down , but about starting-off.
Dont marry someone because he/she will get you your dreams.
With time, you ll discover that everyone has their own dreams.

If there is so compelling a reason, that you want to marry someone ,
let that reason be so strong that it can stand the test of time, space and adversity.

When you are left with nothing else in this world,
that someone should suffice.

That is how strong your reason should be.

Can't-think-of-one syndrome - IV

Sometimes with life , we want to move away from the life we lead and the people who know us really well.The reason is not hatred,disappointment,hurt or pain but just the longing to re-invent our self.Meeting or being with the same people over and again at certain point of time, places a restriction on what we can be or the very many possibilities to our living-self.

They have known you some way for a real long time that when you ve moved away from being the person you used to be , whether by choice to shrink or grow, they just cannot digest.This, though pleasant at certain instances as this, predominantly places a limitation on the person whom we actually grow out to be.

"In order that all men may be taught to speak truth,
it is necessary that all should learn to hear it. "
-Samuel Johnson

This is my quote for the day and what triggered me to think in this direction.

The key is to let go of the image we often create in our minds and fervently hang on to, and accept that which is real and changing.

Some where I read, "Knowledge is not power...but potential power."

A snap-shot of the day

I m in a crowd.
I m alone.

Monday, July 10, 2006

On being part-of-the-whole

As I started my day checking my mails...a mail from one brought smiles on my face.The one I m talking about is a friend from college and whatz between us I cannot categorize.It brings smiles on my face.There is the other kind you can count on at every odd time of life.But this one is different ...I know I cannot count on ...just not too much.Neither can I doubt , I m never meant a harm.I m wished the best of life.When I m happy I can expect smiles and when I m sad , sympathies.I can trust with my heart.That is that.

We are a bunch from college ... almost like-minded.In an awkwardly comfortable way, we have defined whatz between us.There is liking and comfort but none too much.Strangely, when space and time set us apart there is a tint of grey that sets in my days.Even in the many meaningless reasons we meet out for a treat , in the point-less ramblings ,the arguments-for-arguments-sake ,plain chatter , silly tiffs, trippings there seems to be a comfort.May be it is being part-of -the -whole, being a bunch, a sense of belonging that knits us together.Many times we think of taking this further...from a bunch to being a team...moving towards some place we can call our common destiny.But the thought remains a thought.

What we ve made until here and now , I dont know what we ve put in.I dont know what we take out.One thing I know is that, that which is there lets us walk our own way and is meant to stay.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

On words

I wanted to write this down for a real long time...about words.Not about the ones that we let go.But about the ones that we drown in our hearts.Nothing can injure a relationship or derail life than unspoken words.

It does not happen in a day.Like viruses nibbling on the system's resources...silently , stealthily , day after day, they drink out the juices of life and leave the relationship porous and withering.

No...I m not talking about the over-hyped one-on-one talks that all those relationship-guides kick and scream about.I m talking about simple statements like "What took you so long to call? " , "I m scared", "I need help" , "I thought you would come", "I dint like what you did".

Speak out when you should.

Believe me ...for want of a question , a relationship was lost , a life got derailed.There would be lots more out there.

We are raised with the thought that being expressive is a sign of weakness and vulnerability.More so for guys."Be a man"...what a phrase?!In my terms,nothing is more unmanly to lock thoughts and emotions up .A blank straight face ,what a shame!The very many souls who dont profess their love are but left with a bruised heart and scribblings that they call poems.I know the world is infested with so many of them.This post is for them.

And then there are the others who are eternal sacrifiers...that is how they call themselves.They talk about how they bear the brunt by putting up with a strained relationship,how good they are to the other and how much they are hurt because of that.They are the most disastrous of all.They are neither good to themselves or the other.

Oft we think someway and spell out another, not in deception but many a times with a good intention of not hurting the person across.But then, that is when you are really far far away from the truth.The more you put away a thought , the more fiercely it haunts your days.Someday , some way it will find itz way out.

The best way to be good to someone is to tell them honestly what you feel.

If you can think can speak it.

This is what I ask of you :
Be honest.First ,with yourself and then with the ones whom you dont want to hurt.Respect the fact that you have but one life to live and you deserve to be happy much as the other does.

I ask of me the self-same.