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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Can't-think-of-one syndrome - VI

Today I rode to office in my new bike :-) I am yet to get my head gear.
Inshah allah, the roads were free and I dint bump into a single vehicle!!

But you should ask me how the day went...I had to drag it along , the hours just wont move!!Off-late,itz been issue-filled weeks,not a single day goes by without an issue.The networks go down , services die and jobs abend just when there are nt enough people to handle.With the gloomy day and torrential showers, work is the last thing that comes to my mind.

In cribbing I find solace;
Imagination set me free.

Yesterday, Mr.M reminded me of the 50 things I wanted to do in my life time.I had come up with the list when I was in my college.Guess it is time to revisit it and consider my priorities.

May be I ll share them here when I make time to type them out.

Over tea Karthik hinted on how to find one's passion , the two questions the one needs to ask oneself:
->If you know you are gonna die soon, what would you be doing?
My answer: Call up friends, eat, listen to my favourite numbers, read books, go for a long drive, lie down in my bed and day-dream, trek, play scrabble, TT, dance, walk along the beach, watch a sun-rise, snow-bowl( Actually , I was closing my eyes trying to come up with things I want to do and the very thought that I am gonna die makes my heart thump !!) and finally I ll tell myself ,"Gurl, you ve had all the fun and now its time".

->If money was nt a criteria, what is the interest you would pursue?
My answer: Start an ad agency / fashion-design unit/HR consultancy/counselling center/a creche or a kinder-garden.

Know what, I just cant get any more specific with my answers.I want to do a thousand things !!!Fickle...sometimes I think thatz what I am ...enthused by a spark and blued by a shade of dark.

Can anyone figure out what my passion is?

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

'The tragedy of Macbeth ' - A joy unto me

"Here's the smell of the blood still: all the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand. Oh, oh, oh!"
-Lady Macbeth

I had wanted to put down this quote for a real long time.There is something intriguing about it that brings it back to my mind quite often.May be it is to do with the depth of the character, Lady Macbeth , the way the tragedy has been plotted or the narration of Macbeth by my english teacher ...we saw the characters come alive.

In our 10th class, we had the 'Macbeth' play as written by Shakespeare.It was part of our curriculum and we were required memorize the verses.English classes were fun..we played Macbeth, Duncan, Banquo et al!I still enjoy recollecting some parts of that.

There is this strange beauty in Lady Macbeth , that makes me like her despite her evil intentions.She is so full of love;she is ambitious.She is gentle at heart but dares to take a life.She wins over her dream ; but reality fails her.The love and desperateness that drive her to her success are the self same that sink her.
She fights a lonely battle with herself, within herself and makes her worthy of my sympathies.A beautiful characterization ... one of my favourite.

And a greater joy was to reminisce the classes with like-minded-friends.Nimmi ,a very special friend of mine who fills my days with great 'enthu', knows the entire play of 'Romeo and Juliet'(as written by Shakepeare)by-heart!

Talking about those days brings smiles onto my face.

Memories remain.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

And it ran happily ever after...

When I started out, I had told myself that no specifics about my job or projects will go into this blog.

But now something happened and I just cant help sharing it here in my blog.

The project I was working for past 5-6 months came to an official close today and it was one of the pilot projects on SCRUM methodology.

On the onset , we were all whimpering and whining about the new process and the very many meetings happen on a daily basis.But today , everything and everybody made sense.Nothing we cribbed over came to my mind.It seemed like a perfect ending.
Mostly it was the team...I was part of a great team , which made the long hours of work pleasant and work a pleasure.

Every project comes to close, goes live , with or without bugs.What makes a project memorable , more than the technical challenges and logic and business significance , is the rapport,camaraderie and the team-spirit that runs-through.

I am happy I was there , then.

Hoping the project will run fine for long.

Hope the fairy tale continues...

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Can't-think-of-one syndrome - V

After another bout of viral infection, I feel too bored to fall sick again.The month that just went by , I had lousy cards to play.Two viral infections, incessant cold attacks, a sprain, acid reflex ...quite a medley and the sporadic production calls to fuel it all.

But..this month kicked off on a real hi:-)

First, I got my new bike , owing to my altruistic nature.I think I can keep the toll at bay , staying behind 2 wheels.Considering my driving expertise , a single wheel (the one they keep rolling with a stick) would be safer!!
Itz all to do with my weird imaginations....just when I drive down a fly-over , I 'll get these eccentric questions onto my frontal: "What if I forgot driving?", "What if I let go of the control?"...and I ll be all wobbles.And then, I am too lazy to keep directions....or may be pre-occupied!!

And then, there was this other time , I was happily humming,smiling and driving ( I was nt emulating anyone!!) that I lost sight of the red .The crazier part was that I gave myself a pat for not jeering at the person who I presumed violated the rules!

Yesterday was my first ride Landmark and back.I forgot the way back and a cherub of a friend came to my rescue , escorting me to my way back home.Be on the look out for him...he is a rapper in making :)

Jokes apart, I am seriously working on keeping my imagination at bay while driving.

Secondly,after so many years that I dint keep count, I finally got myself a Scrabble board !

Thanks a bunch Herr , for my first game of scrabble :-)

And all you noble souls I know , I invite you over for a game of scrabble.
NOTE: Mandates: patience, generous heart, score-keeping