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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A snapshot of me...

Itz 12.45 am. and my music is blasting.I want to cut out voices... especially the one screaming within me.Wondering how long I can keep the music going ...

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

shall I call this a tangy day ?

Today I had lotsa oranges for lunch.One that I just gobbled (wish I dint have to do that...but had to ...owing to non-technical reasons!!) and lots more that I relished.I loooove oranges ...for the happy color it carries,for the scented spray that it sends when I remove the peel...the fibre, the tingling that it does to my olfactory sensors, the tangy taste and for the happy , cheerful fruit it is :-)

Shud call this day ...tangy !!

That apart I will just mention about the "Decorate your workplace" contest that Pk and Monu have vividly portrayed.After a reaaal long time was great team effort...and we won :-) Reminded me of my school days and college days ...when we got a little toooo creative or shud I call it weird :-) ?!!

The storms have ceased at my I m enjoying the calm and happy that the rough patch is over.Trying to enjoy the missing feeling.Guess itz worth the try.

Somehow now, I think of this:

"If you love something,
Set it free...
If it comes back, it's yours,
If it doesn't, it never was yours...."

And how true it is !!

I m thankful for all the love that remains , all the love that keeps me going , for the love that I ve lost, for all the love that has come back to me ...I really am :-)

Friday, December 22, 2006

A discussion to share

Therez this funny thing about humans( as much as I know), the more the prospects of not getting something, the more is the yearning for it . Be it a material , personal or emotional need, what we donot have we pine over all the more.If only we cherished all that we have life would be sooo much better nt it?

That apart, I had a discussion with nn which I would like to share here ...on this blog:(ofcourse acceptance has been obtained from nn :-) ).

> Hi,
> are you conducting some psychological survey on women or wat?
> But still I choose to answer for two reasons:
> 1.I presume you are a guy whoz set out to understand the fairer lot.And I appreciate your effort.
> 2.May b it will my 2 cents to the women in your life.
> Here you go:
> What is Ur thought on what an average female wants out of a
> relationship? Complete possession ?
My response:
> I believe that
> every woman looks for a sense of belonging in any relationship.Shez
> wired that way.And ofcourse there is an element of possessiveness with
> every woman ...the reason being she puts in so much of her care and
> affection into the relationship that she values.
> What you ve nurtured you find it tough to let go ...right?

Do U feel that women have intimate stuff from past relationships inside their minds which probably do not get out even to the most understanding of partners ?
> My response:
> Letting out intimate stuff and have an understanding partner are two different things.A woman may have stuff from her past relationships on her mind.But may choose to leave them alone becoz they simply might not make sense anymore.
> A most understanding partner shud be ok with it.Is nt it?I believe once a woman loves someone ...itz tough (nearly impossible) to hate that person.What she does with the new relationship is she simply loves or tries to love someone more.What she
has ...she holds in the palm of her heart.

> What is the biggest expectancy in a woman,when she gets involved in a relationship ?
> My response:
> 'Commitment' is the word.

> Quoting
Hi Rish,
> What is Ur thought on what an average female wants out of a
> relationship? Complete possession ? Do U feel that women have intimate stuff from past relationships inside their minds which probably do not get out even to the
most understanding of partners ? What is the biggest expectancy in a woman,when she gets involved in a relationship?
> Whoa... So many questions eh ? Let me see how many get their partners answers)... : )

> NN.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

An other kind of ode ...

A quick note:
2 years ago I posted An ode to a friend...(You have to forgive me for the bad indentation ...there simply aint any :-)Lost them during shipment from LiveJournal to here).
Now I have done a follow up on the self-same :-)

Goodbye ...I ll save it for the end;
Where it began we painted the picture with a rosy blend.
The friend you were to me... I thought you deserved an ode,
and that thought I dont repent not this far down the road.
Just when everyday spake the tongue of rainbow hues,
there came the blacks and the picture hazy blues.
Special moments drowned in the haunting silences,
we spoke of new terms...freedom,space and independence.
And then appeared the grey spaces and moss,
all that we built with our hands and hearts... went for a toss.
The sunny days are the ones with the past,
Our walks have waned and now not steadfast.
Our paces have started to vary,
when I slow down you scurry.
When I fasten my stead,
you fall back and let me take the lead.
Funny different we think.
When I say there are too many strangers around us,
About making new friends is your buzz.
A smile I smile not to be seen,
looking at you reminds me what I could have been.
But if I were you and you and me were same,
then between us, there would not be as much fun and game.
The time has come for us to seek new avenues,
Now, we are at cross-roads..ahead, we have many rues.
Letz tread our ways in our own pace,
and shine a smile when we meet face-to-face.
So long... so good ..the laughters, good times, sharing and pains,
Letz tell ourselves "Well with life ...nothing remains".

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My Madurai trip

Its been quite a while since I been away.

Let me start-off with my trip to Madurai.I believe that therez an innate beauty in it a city, people, food,thinking or life-style.Madurai is a city thatz close to my heart for this reason...simplicity.With 3 years spent in this city and more away from it... my liking has just got better.
This capital of Pandyas has a charm of innocence , apart from the alluring temples, the varied landscapes, lush green fields,
a tantalizing spread of food (which also happens to be low-cost),simple people and their beautiful slang of tamil.

My trip lasted for a little more than 2 days, during which I attempted to drink as much of the city...meeting friends, feeding fishes, rock-climbing(well the not so tough one), temples, jigarthanda(a delicacy very specific to the city), roadttu kadai parotta( Indian roti) ,the closely string madurai malli(a genre of jasmine flower),sungadi sarees, long rides thru the villages, masal vadai and tea from MKU canteen and meeting the people of the land.

The temple tank of Thiruparankundram temple is the my most favourite place on earth. It has been my bodhimaram, den and my asylum...whatever name you give.The place has helped me clear the clouds and gain objectivity when I needed it.I have learnt to hear to my inner voice, as the ripples lapped up against the walls of the tank.Feeding the fishes is more than a mere obsession ...probably it is what is zen for me.For what the place does to me...I simply love it.

Thanks to Niraj, for the early morning drive to Vadivaelpuram.The place is a 20 min ride from Thirunagar and what makes this place special is the beautiful picture the place presents.A small temple with a temple-tank abloom with lotuses , at the foothill of a not-so-big rocky hill.And this entirety surrounded by lush green fields , interspersed with banyan trees.If one gets to go half-way up the mountain and takes a keen look , then one can trace water flowing downstream to the fields.I spent quite some time there feeding the fishes with rice puffs and chap from the village picked a lotus for me from the tank :-)

For a city-bred person like me, with sparse exposure to nature , it was like a small piece of heaven.

I really wish I could narrate my experience as much as I relished it.But then I know I ll miserably fail.

So, I choose to stop here and upload the pics which can do the narration better(well you ve to keep waiting on that...until I gain access to the resouces...but sure I ll do the uploading )

Bye for now.