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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Can't-think-of-one syndrome - VII

I have nt kept count of the number of times I typed out a post on my notepad and then ... let it go unsaved.The last one I did that to was a post mentioning Ramesh's 300th post.Well, that got me inquisitive to know about when I started blogging and the day is 05,Oct,2004.

A surprise awaited me there at my first post.Someone had actually taken the time to hit my archives, read my older posts and leave comments ...some of which are more than one-liners!!

Thank you Nullity for your time and comments , especially for going with them , when the prospect of me seeing them was limited !! I am happy :-)

I remember the many times I sneak into blogs , enjoy the posts but leave the place without a trail even when I had something to say.I really cannot rationalize as to why I do that.

This year on I ll make an effort to leave 2 cents if I have them :-)

Btw , this year resolutions in my kitty ...lots of dreams though !!

Monday, January 01, 2007

A new beginning ...

This world, where every canine barks its day,
where the feline so busily pry,
where the populus so run the rat-race,
sans an end, a destiny,
into an absolution that is ever-far,
God gives us a reason to live,
a new hope, as an answer to all our mumbled-prayers,
the cure for the world's pain and strife,
a new cry, a new ray ... so pure -
a babe is born.

Wish you all a very happy New year!!!
May the year be filled with lots of love, light and laughter :-)