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Friday, September 05, 2008

Seeing the world...

I m liking this being here.

If you knew me and knew me well , you would know how fickle-minded I am.Say if I am at place X , doing the Y thing ...then I want to be in place A , doing the Z thing.And when I actually get to place A and get to do the Z thing , then T place doing the Q thing is all that I drool about.

But today, I feel different. I am happy at this E place doing this B thing :)

I like what these travels do to me...not places ...but mostly the people I meet or even just observe from afar.May be itz also the places...I am not sure.

The feeling of something unveiling inside me is wonderful.I am easy on myself , more passionate about life, less desperate to get somewhere and more sure of how I want to be and the positivity that I can be where-ever I want to be.I feel lighter. A subtle confidence that even if something goofs up, it simply is not the end of the world : like a faith that has been seeded.

The innate confusion is still there ...I am probably a little less clueless I guess :)

I want to learn new stuff , travel the world, know new people, live every day with excitement and die ...alive and kicking :)

Pretty simple agenda for life, isn't it?

Love ya all :)

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Love ...

Lots of love can make you cry, believe me I did.

And today, somehow, I find it appropriate to revisit this thought.

Itz funny what a maverick can do with words .Take your words ...juggle them around ...and they mean very different from what they actually did.

Wondering why even your non-sense words make sense to me. Guess , I understand the person who stands beyond the words. You probably do the same with me.

Whatz the point?!

I ll wait.

Wait for what? I dont have an answer.

Btw, was it you or was it me? Does it even matter ?

Damn ... I cant cry.

P.S: If you read this and dint understand what I meant ... that exactly is my point. I dont intend to be understood.

Monday, September 01, 2008

My photo blog :)

This is what I ve been upto the last couple of days...

My dark-room experiments.

yeah, I was putting together my photo blog.

Other things that I am into are some cooking and baking...culinary experiments to be exact.Had a flashing thought and suggestions of posting them here...on second-thoughts I decided no. Oh...and I did a wee-bit of painting fences too.

Thatz from me.

Drop in at my photo blog and share your comments.