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Thursday, January 28, 2010

It was not a stop ....just a long pause :)

I dont know if people come to this place any more.But this is my den.Music was not here for long.If you thought it is a I just hit the pause :)

I am back after my longest hiatus excuses , no regrets - just know that my days were all sunshine and blue skies ( almost all :) )

That said,I should say I ve changed as a person.I should have changed.Itz over a year and if I dint then I would cease to exist.Well, ceasing then again calls for change!! Feels like I am going over-board...will stop here.

Well time sure has flown by ....some friends lost and regretted for , some gained and thankful for and the others whom I dont know if I have or dont.

Time has become the most precious commodity in my life and I somehow like it this days are more sensible than ever.Then again, there are those days when I am a ball of nerves that I yearn for my sloth suit.

Time out error terminates here :)