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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Good people and not-so-good happenings

I am not happy today. I am SAD to be more specific….that is SAD in BOLD and italicized. Dint like what I heard from my best friend today. ’Like’ is not the word to use. But I am not bothered. I don’t like the scheme of things , in life , in general. Wish God had things rolling virtual transportation to another planet or something. I do not like death or anything diminutively close to it. The good people part…well I believe in every one being good…just in different ways, at different times , to different people. But some are extra special, with their goodness overcharged. Wish I knew him. What I missed for so long …I ll miss forever. Good people are meant to be known, understood, befriended, cherished. I did not get to do the first three…but the last …will be forever. I ve not met, but he will certainly be fondly remembered, cherished. I can feel the pain of the people who know him. May they find solace in having known him.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


I have seen you with my eyes closed.
Blue engulfed by land strips or the otherway.
But the entirety filled ...overflowing with calm, poised.
The air must be mostly still, I imagine.
The crystal waters reflect a mind I can only dream of.
Sweet are the unsung melodies and you sure are one.
Leh, when will I hear you?

Need of the hour

My weekend started on Friday and that helped me decoil my frayed nerves.If you are thinking I am into rocket-launching or are sure damn lost.I am pretty much the genre that fumbles when therez a lil more work and then frets when there is none!!!

Well...that was me being too rude with myself. Here comes the better picture: I am the sort of person who does stuff , stands pressure ...workaholic et all thru the week. And then weekend brings along the revelation that my work is not what I want/love to do!!! I think hard about what I like...and then there is too many : to list and prioritize is nearly daunting an effort that I go back to the stink hole.

If I sound irreverent ...dont let your jaw drop..I like being that way as well..once in a while. I ve never been consistent ...not even in being myself !!!Like I said ...'incomprehensible' is the word.

Need of the hour...a life revamp..I would like to let myself be lead by less useful , more meaningful ways ; build on bare essentials; strip away all those meaningless stuff.Enjoy the ride , than hit the gas. Not too much to wish for...but certainly calls for a strong will.Do I have one??!!Wish I knew the answer !!!