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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Obscurities of work life

This piece of text is an effort to vent out my thoughts pertaining to the kind of job people like me hold. This is a plain and direct consequence of the mysterious way in which work works or work does not work.

Let me explain the sequence of events to paint a clearer picture:

1. What do you expect when you go for your job, especially as you flag off your career. Work to do, is not it? Well, that was even what I expected. But reality is really a mad dog. It bites hard.
The way things work here, in S/W industry at least is, you will have a job and no work. If you are someone, who is happy with a heavy pay alone, blessed you. You are for sure an object of my envy.
2. The good thing is you can always raise your apprehensions, questions what so ever. Hold! Hear me right. You shall expect no sensible response. Yours is a multiple choice question for which the answer will be one of these:
(a) We are working on that.
(b) We will look into it.
(c) It is not within my scope.
(d) You can go ahead and join the others in that work. (Mind you… work may not necessarily really mean work: p)
If the answer you get is none of the above and makes a little more sense, consider yourself lucky.
3. Another question that leaves me scratching my head is “What do I do if the work I m assigned to is not even work??!!”
Let me draw an analogy. What would you if your job is to swat mosquitoes and there are n’t any (Consider I m talking about the Artic. There are n’t any mosquitoes in the Arctic. Are there???) ?? Worse case, I ‘ve someone to review if I ‘ve swat all the mosquitoes. Sometimes, I smirk at the thought that I ‘m in a better position than that guy.
4. Thinking of the way leadership head swirls. Is it not the responsibility of the leads to keep the team together and working?? Well, what they do is in remote sense close to that. Grape vine is almost the official means of communication and that is glossily named “Informal Communication”.
Have you heard of being assigned to projects by a casual chat and oddly hours of night (9.30 at night is certainly not the time to think of assignment to projects!!)?
Sometimes I end up looking at my team-mate as James Potter would look at Voldemart.
Another instance is the thousand and one things that happen to the project you work without your knowledge and then finally you are assigned to a task, which leaves you absolutely clue less.
Wish I were in espionage before I came in here. Then, I ‘ll be better prepared to fish, hunt, investigate for information.

Here, I choose to limit my idiosyncrasy of being a writer instead of software professional, for two reasons:
1. I ‘ve ran out of thoughts.
2. It is time to head home, I m done with my 9 hrs. WORK day J

Thursday, October 06, 2005

The value of life...

Ppl, itz quite sometime that I ve taken personal time to do my, write , dream, think of things...and nothings...Life has kept me busy and running.Just to give a quick peek on what I ve been upto...I blogged in the good old fashion of using a pen and paper...thatz bcos I just cud not find time to lay my hands on my computer...atleast for noble purposes;)So I ve be putting those back dated entries in here ..sometime.I ve taken a new road and the far so good:)Having mellowed enough about that..I have some serious thoughts to share with you all.Ppl, does every living person on earth know the worth of life?Every one of us will sure make a big difference to atleast a single soul ...right?And by ourselves, we would be worthy of the trust of atleast one person...right?If only evry person has someone to trust and be worthy of someone's trust...why do a certain lot choose to do away with life?Is it the world is all so scary or we are not here around making life livable for them?I feel like we are making a big individuals and as a out a wrong message.As much as we look closely at those shining bright...we shud lend an empathetic hand to the troubled ones.We should learn the lesson of getting the message and reading the signs.The whole point is about trust...being trustworthy and family, friends, one-self and more than all in life."The miracle is not to fly in the air, or to walk on the water; but to walk on the earth",goes a chinese proverb.Makes sense ..aint it?

Sunday, July 10, 2005

On riding a bike

Remembering the first time I started out on riding a bicycle....The picture is fresh and vivid in my mind.The passion, efforts and time I put into learning it ...and having learnt it, my prime work and hobby was being a bicyclist.Back then, we were a bunch of bicycle-enthusiasts, racing and feeling the wind on the face .The feeling was like I was flying...the wind and the lightness.Ofcourse there were down-times...the falls and the bruises...but they merely added to the adventure :)I m trying to draw a parallel ...and I find the countable number of times I had ridden my life-cycle,with as much passion and zeal.I should learn to ride my life that way...with the flying-feeling and the lightness of feather.Life sure is riding a bicycle...just that we forget to realise what fun it n't it?Down here is an excerpt that I wanted to share:NEXT TIME ROUND I'D PICK MORE DAISIESOne may re-teach a teacher, of course. Unfortunately, one can't unteach a teacher any more than he can unfry an egg. But there is no board of Trustees regulation against thinking about it. And it is worth thinking about, especially by those not too deeply set in their ways to learn how to live a little.If I had my life to live over, I would try to make more mistakes next time. I would relax. I would limber up. I would be simpler and sillier than I have been this trip. I know of very few things that I would take seriously. I would be less solemn and less hygienic.I would burn less midnight oil. I would take more chances. I would take more trips. I would burn more gasoline, climb more mountains, and swim more rivers. I would eat more ice cream and less bran. I would have more actual troubles and fewer imaginary ones.You have known lots of school teachers like me. You see, I'm one of those people who live sanely, sensibly, prudently: minute after minute, hour after hour, day after day, year after year. Oh, I have has my moments! But if I had my life to live over again, I'd have more of them, lots more!I have been one of those persons who never go anywhere without a thermometer, a hot water bottle, a gargle, a raincoat and a parachute. If I had it to do over, I would go more places and do more things, and I'd travel lighter than I have.I would start going barefoot earlier in the spring and stay that way later in the fall. I would play hooky more. I would shoot more paper wads at my classmates. I wouldn't make such good grades except by accident. I would have more sweethearts. I would go to more dances. I would have more headaches and drink more tomato juice.I would stay up later at night and get up later in the mornings. I would have more dogs. I would sing more songs and play more games. I would go to more circuses and ride on more merry-go-rounds.As I think it over I'd look for a little more fun in life. I'd pick more daisies.-ANON.I m holding a daisy in hand this very moment...listening to my favourite music and enjoying MY WORK.If I remembered everyday to take this path.....I would have a garden of daisies :)Reading is one thing and remembering is another ....

Monday, July 04, 2005

My book

Ppl,did i anytime tell you that i dream of writing a book some day??For sure it would be on the people in my life...the world around me sort of stuff.The friday that just went coach would call it a day and I call it a valuable chunk of life.Sometimes in life,there are times when it is like you ve been here for sooo long and gained so little and then there are times that are confined and precise, when you bump into a hoard of knowledge ...or I can call it barge into;)Well, in fact I'm entitled to barging in... itz my coach's cabin!!!Haan...there you go!!!If you think the channel is all up and are wrong.There are always some bumps and puckers.But then, is nt life about smoothening creases and going forward??Thatz exactly what I'm working towards.So,thatz about what happened last Friday,the 1 st of July.Talking about today, I would not call it simply a day...I call it "A DAY!!!".Why,....for the one reason that today I broke the limitations of my self and went beyond to pursue that which had been a night-mare for me.Truly,"The things that first dint let me sleep,are the ones that made me stronger".I m not just stronger but much better than yesterday ...I surpassed myself.Oh ...about my book,I shall chip some time.Now,I have a calling to fulfill.Take care.Stay happy :)

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Open ?? Closed??

"Personality can open doors,but only character can keep them open. "-Elmer G. LettermanThis had been my signature quote yesterday.This opened up a discussion about my doors .Well,speaking of my world ....faring through is pretty easy....a few exchanges of smiles and hi and then you are on the escalator to my world.About staying there...well, you choose your own role....being a passer-by, an on-looker, a companion,a team-mate,an acquaintance,a comrade,a close friend ,a best friend or much more ...a part of my soul.How long you stay depends very much on whether you choose to stay and for how long.Then,about my streets....some are so full of colours,fragrances and life like the bazaars of Hyderabad...but then,there are some dull,grey streets which may just lead you to dead ends....then there are some paths untrodden.And ofcourse the secret alleys I shall keep off from anyone and some... even I m deluded from knowing.Every time a person walks past the doors to my world....a new path is paved ,foot prints,rendezvous et all.Where the path leads ...I leave it to the might of choice and time and space.So,thatz about it ....all I can think and share about my world.Au revoir:)

Omnipotent God???

Oh please....dont get me wrong...I do believe in supra existence!!!What I want to share with you is about my today's visit to a tsunami shattered fishing village.If you think I'm going to talk about the losses and grief and the pain....well you are in for a topple.If Tsunami proved to the world the vigour of nature and the painful helplessness of,as I see ,is pay-back time!Itz about how mankind sprung back to life and fullness with all zeal and how they ve managed to make a beautiful pattern out of their shattered lives.With their smiles,they ve painted colours over the grey of void and pain.Their love for 'The Lady' still remains!!To be God...huh ... must be dull and mundane!!Lifez always too good ...endless wellspring of power,music,breeze,peace and pretty angels with wands and lyres ,and then ...therez no place better :(Playing monopoly ... can you imagine what a drab it can be??But facing the vagaries of life,fighting the odds,surviving the blows and then rising to life with so much passion and hope,...the indomitable will of humans and the undying hope.... in that I see fullness given to the meaning of life.That reminds me of "Magnanimity lies not in never falling.But rising after every fall".

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Paradigm shift ;)

Ppl, woz n't I talking about wanting to work and then about being cured of the malady of job-lessness???Well,today I experienced a paradigm shift!!!!Being jobless is bliss... a panacea to the the humdrum routine of making things,fixing some and then praying fervently for things to fall in place while waiting.A worser scenario is when you know that all your work is most likely to get scrapped and still you have to work and pray !!!Today things just fell into a beautiful pattern :pFirst,I woke up late(..well no reason woz good enough for me to wake early),lazily pulled myself together and scurried to office and then my machine woz so much like the lazyme...all stutter and stagger.Then ...finally it gave up on my IDE ...that meant I dont have to work today!!!A break just when I wanted one....and that made me think....and then boom....THE SHIFT!!!Even if I can work doing without it....why on earth would I do that ??!!!So,that leaves me with a thoughtful system,a dead IDE and a happy me...blogging gleefully...with an occassional smile .And if you are smitten by a writer's bug or a creator's rodent,then you ll be more that happy to be at where I hit upon recently.With the day unfolding and stretching out so lethargically beautiful...lemme toss in a little of my hues ....more fun and frolic.Herez a toast to my dead IDE !!!Tomorrow ...."Bug's life" would be up and airing (scaring??!!!), today...I shall celebrate!!!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Counting my blessings

I ve been stewing these days and making lives rotten for me and ppl around me as well.So,I stop and count my blessings :* I'm alive to c this day.* I ve a home ...yeah...thatz soo soooo far :(,lemme forget that part...* I can read* My days are filled with music* I ve a degree* I get a pay every month dont ask about my job ...itz highly confidential?!!!!* I had been Hyderabad jlt* I had my favourite sweet and porridge for breakfast.* I ve the best of frenz :)* I ve tasted banana parathas* I ve had a great start this year* My brain ...itz still working!!!!* I'm without any debts...oh forget those itsy bitsy ones ;) I can always clear them* I'm learning something new everyday* I ve trekked* I ve played with exaltation* I make good know the ones with potato wafers,etc??* My folks...I ve a loving family * I'm my frenz' pet* Some trust me* Some count on me* Some think I'm an angel ....reaaaaallllly...I promise!!!!* Some believe that I make a fine friend* Some actually read my blog... well you are !!!* And so many forgive me...........So,many blessings...I'm losing count.Now,that I know how very special my life is ...I'm heading off to happy living !!!Happy living to all you folks!!!!C ya :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Work ways

Ppl,have you ever realised that just when you are not there, at that place, then,that most eventful thing happens ??Well,I certainly am not talking about being in Indonesia to meet Miss.Tsunami or being on the Amarnath trail.Whatz on my mind ..well...are those really sensible times where something happens and you just being there can boost up your morale...that kinda stuff...when you can say "Been there...done that".As for me,with nothing very happening at my end, am in the process of arriving at the best possible ways of using time.And these are my initial findings:* Call friends .Because, that way you maintain contact and keep in sync with watz up.Also,that reminds of your good times.* Collect information on watz hot in the industry ,the 'IN' thing.* Read articles on the happening tech stuff...for 3 reasons:1. You grow2.You finally ve somethign to do....and...3. there are meetings!!!!* Learn a foreign language* Pursue your passion or hobby* Think about what you are gonna do with life.So,thatz wat I ve to put down for now.Any word on that...speak up.C ya folks.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

To the Nizam's own country and back

Homed yesterday at mid noon back from the land of the Nizams'.Hyderabad woz HOT...I mean literal,reaaaal hot and fuming.Nevertheless,the city woz a charm...medley of modernity and conservatism.The city wakes up lazy at close to noon and stretches out well into midnight.Charminar,sure is a charm.Got me absolutely full of colors and so full of life....the hustle and the bustle...fills the mind with all hues and wafts of spices and perfumes.Woz reminded of "In the bazaars of Hyderbad" by Sarojini Naidu.Oh ...and the dashing beauties clad in burhas...mind you they were really dashing.IMax woz simply awesome...the screen and the effects!!!Next time I go there I'm sure to try climbing the wall there.The woz my staple food,which I washed down with ice lemon tea.It woz early in the morning that I set my foot at the Birla Mandir....the place simple fills the being with overwhelming serenity.A marvel in marble.Hyderabad Central,Life Style,Cool Club were the few other places I managed to tread on my own...picking some odd trinkets.Tried some typical Andhra food....nay not the Hyderabadi Biriyani.With the city so hot,it woz a big no no for the spices.Some eateries that I would suggest are Malgudi,Baseera and breakfast buffet at Taj Tristar(especially on a sunday morn).So,thatz about my travel to Nizams' land.Just one more thing ...never ever think of making it to the Nizams' land during the summers.You might as well choose to get yourself onto a barbecue grill !!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Licking my wounds

I'm in very bad shape today :(My incessant ear pain,guilt,lost and lonely feeling and adding to that I'm sulking...I'm licking my wounds and makin them worse !!Nothing bad actually happened..itz all in my mind...and now as I blog...I feel hungry(Despite my satiating breakfast!).Then,I feel like I ve done nothing particularly useful for the day.Phew.......I'm sounding like toxic dump??!!!!Yeah I know I still have hours of the day left to work on...but my crazy mind just would not let the thought in!!!I m waiting to go on a spree...all by myself ...watching ppl,things and happenings...munching on some junk and sipping in some steaming chocolate.Lookin at the clock tick...waiting for the party time .Some how,I feel soo much better after this ritual :)Btw,folks ,do you follow any such ritual to sweep off all those crappy thoughts and start afresh and positive??If so,speak up....I 'm all here to hear !!!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

One of those days..

Ppl,today is one of those days which keeps me busy doing nothing.Believe me :The hardest thing for any one or atleast for me to to be doing nothing.I look around and find that my life aint much different than that of the others around me.To the right of me,someone's wakefully watching over the virtual bears and bulls.Then,the two on the other side of my cubicle ,I cannot sight them...they must be busy caffeinating.Ofcourse therez also the bountiful Opportunities to deal with today;)The one to my left is busy improving his telephonic skills.Then ,there are those odd ones who are busy discussing records,uploading,design issues and stuff therein.Phew,then therez this mobile that incessantly keeps singing "Jingle Bells".I guess somebodyz celebrating the spirit of the season.Itz numbing cold,infact colder that at Christmas,(owe it to the A/C), and that might have mislead :pSo,thatz for now from my desk now.C ya folks!!!

Friday, April 22, 2005

One more time..

Ppl,just one more thought striking from the plane of philosophy.Today,I put on my headphones just in time to hear my favourite song play.Then this thought struck me:"How many times I ve missed out on my favourite song.....because I dint have my head phones on......because I dint know it woz playing"Guess lifez like that....the music is always there......just that you got to put the head-phones on.What ya say??

Monday, April 18, 2005

Lost to be found

I really wonder why so very many times I feel so lost,not knowing who am I'm,where I'm and where to am heading to.Sometimes,I dont even know if my road would take me to where I want to go...Even worse,I dont know where I want to go :(Is feeling lost part of life's design??I really wish life's patterns were all the more clearer that I may know the course of it.Would nt knowing where to go ,make life all the more vivid ?Or is it like knowing the destiny speeds up the trail and diminishes the happiness in the course of the journey?I remember "The missing Piece" by SilverStein,about how rolling very fast thru life,one is likely to miss out on the dew drop and the rainbow and the wriggly worm.But if I stop to marvel at them,wont I be way behind?If it is a race I'm running,what am I running it for and where does it take me???So many questions...So lost a feeling....waiting to be whom,where,how....I ve no answers :(Ppl,do you have the answers??

Friday, April 08, 2005


Ppl,today,I m job less.I set out to probe into the multitudinous of thoughts that aimlessly wander in the planes of my mind,which stretch out beyond the horizons ,into the ever farther ...never-ending ...I got just a bit philosophical, whacky ,crazy name it.Me would like to throw some intriguing thoughts to the philosopher in you...So, do you have it in you????Here you have it:"Life is like a bunch of grapes.Some are sweet,some are sour,Some are bitter, some are bland,Everyday, what you have,is what you take in your hand""The most cherished moments in life turn out to be those when you dared to make a complete fool of yourself ,stand afar and laugh at yourself""No task is difficult,provided, somebody is to do it or you ve done it ""Which takes more courage...hanging on or letting go?"Wow,Ppl,I never knew philosophy woz this eazzzzy??!I mean no offence!!!May be this is all crap...but as long as I can think and put my thoughts into words and words on the web...I know I'm living and breathing and thinking( Please read as breathing,living and thinking)...and I m stayin connected...I'm thankful!!!!Now,you be happy you have the world at your reach and you can read(even if that meant reading crap)!!!To be honest,I dont think any thought is crap or silly or long as you can think ....anything that comes to your mind is just great.There are nothing as good ,better or best thoughts....are there???you know what,having nothing to do is sometimes the best way to be ...aint it that way?Me seein a new me in me now!My thanks goes out to all those who were there on the 1st of April,giving me your valuable comments and suggestions.I now know how much you see yourselves in me.Thank you!!!I love you all!!!I just sounded like I woz at the Cannes...dint I ?? :pBtw, " < " really works!!!!<>

Friday, April 01, 2005


Phew!!!Today I had more put it as happiness or more streaks o' smile!!!!Ppl,dont you get into the rut of thinking about the SIGNIFICANT DAY this is!!!!The day started with me going for an early walk...ppl,I'M SERIOUS!!!!I started my walk at 5.00 am and woz charmed by the serene streets of the city.Boy!!!Did you know half the city woke up this early??!!!!Then,Wished my 6th grade teacher a very happy Birthday :)Now again,ppl ,think straight.Today woz really her birthday!!!Then ,calls to and from my spiteful circle of friends followed.Ppl,for me,this day made more sense than many others.First,it woz the dress-alike that woz kinda kiddish fun.Then,the sumptuous lunch from God's own country...more filling ...the company of wonderful ppl...then,LOL attribute="friend" property="crazy>the exemplar moment of craziness.......a crazy fderin of mine called me up and played my favourite song :) over the phone.............and guess what......all these happened over a long distance call /LOL>Now dont you start typing "Bad Syntax!!"...With my blog site I m not able to use anything close to tags!!!It would not lemme open I simply closed them!!!!This is the best I could come up with :pDoes any body have a clue???I'm so so happy that I have so many apple pie friends on my platter !!!!I'm relishing evry bite.But ,just that I dint get to see butterfly around for the past couple of days :(Ppl,thatz from my desk for now.C ya !!!

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Walking back into the blogger's world...

Hello there!!!!I'm back!!!!!After travelling way into the wordless I come back to rattle my thoughts out...Guess itz been quite sometime since I laid my hands on somethin interessant...hey am talking about books,adventure ..stuff like that...dont gemme wrong ;)20th March,'05 woz great...hunting and panting and all the fun.Today,me down with cold.My coach says that itz bad for the cold germs to have caught me!!!I aint that bad I?Letz leave the germs to the winds.Speaking of people,Some ppl,can make so much sense of non-sense and some, so much non-sense of sense.Then ,there are the others who make neither .Me ...want am I trying to make???I dunno ??!!!!Got some stuff to catch up,errands to run.Think they ll keep be busy.Thats fine with me.For now,I aint reaching for the,now, clearing up my grounds.Thatz from my blog-head folks!!C ya !!!

Monday, February 28, 2005

How to name it?

Ppl,you know acting totally bizarre today!!!My day started on a lazy low note and then I wonder how things just follow the self-same trail?!!!Am doing the wimpy kinda stuff of sulking and then wanting to curl up and wanting to go into a slumber...This is not the way I want to be starting my week!!!!And ppl,did I tell you there ve been a lot many things happening in my corner of the world??So many things that I ve become oblivious of some of them...To just paint you a hazy ppl have come ,newer responsibilities,more expectations ....stuff like that.Donno if I ll be able to handle them.You know I really want to curl up and sleep!!!Today I was aimlessly surfing and then ther was this Anne Gedde's page I reached.And then....I had a reason to smile and a ray of hope.Somehow Babies have the indomitable power in being so fragile.This reminds me, being gentle, can in some strange sense, manifest power and being vulnerable can itself be a source of being conquering.The most powerful things in life are the most delicate things.Oh I forgot my strange ways...I woz losing my temper and self-sympathy looming high and then sulking and a medley of negative emotions....Yuk!!!!Now,after having given much thought and having acknowledged those emotions,I'm in a position to get hold of them and spur them to control : -)You know this smile I smile...itz the kind I just cant put my finger on....I'm at a loss of words.So,now that I'm not feeling all that bad I think itz hightime I did something of worth for the day.MLTR's '25 minutes' is playing now and boy...itz so beautiful a song!!!Life is beautiful ...even thru a tear drop!!!!Thatz for now...C ya ppl!!!: )

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

As tear drops trickle..

Ppl,today or these days aint doing that good for me:(First,itz the lost feeling that haunts me,then aloneness,then misunderstanding...confused friends...well there were times when I thought I dint have to speak for them to understand..Now,they are doing the thinking for me and just that I do not conform to their thoughts.Ppl,when I started out typing this blog,I woz on a emotional hi...close to breaking,itz more than half an hour and I just feel numb.What ever it is, I want to be heading in a direction where my journey would get me some where better as a person,lots more happier and lots more sensible.So also I want my journey to be as wonderful as the destiny.I really dont know me very well.So the best thing to do is to be the best I can be.Staying positive that the sunshine after the showers will be beautifuller..."The day I aint smiling a single smile,Itz the day I aint living."

Thursday, January 13, 2005

A beautiful love...

Folks,today I got to see a beautiful manifestation of love.You know,the kinda love thatz so simple ,humble,plain and yet so beautiful,so filled with trust and respect for one another.Someway, I think it is through these little acts of love,that life makes greater meaning.Times like these ring the bell that life is beautiful,restores my faith in humanity and makes me want to live my life with more meaning ...with more love...At this moment as I see love through them,I pray that this togetherness stays for fill this world with their music ,to paint more colours to the rainbow,to make many a blossom bloom...The world needs so much of love,so much love...May the prince and the princess live happily forever ...

Friday, January 07, 2005

Crazy me!!!

Ppl, Let me start off wishing you a very Happy New Year filled with love,light and laughter.And now moving on to how crazy I can know,my blogging for the day I started else where and I finish it here...mad me!!!Then I woz alone, and now, here, in loving company.Now dont ask me watz so crazy about that??I always can ve an opinion of me....cant I??My blogging is so much like my life!!!I started some where with no clue as to where I wud go,and then I'm in this very beautiful part of the world where all the best of things and people engulf me...I rather put it people and know,I ve the best of all ...but the one I treasure ..the best of friends!!!So sweetly strange is life and so gentle and loving her hands shez leading me unto ....Ppl,I think I'm getting to a little of overdoing this stuff.So let me stop here!!And boy!!!I dint tell you about my New Year's day!!!It wos the most beautiful baby I ve ever seen!!!A day when all eternity stopped just for me!!!Wat I feel about the day,no words are good enough to say...Lotsa good things happening ,for which I can just be humbly thankful.Ppl,if you are looking for a contented spirit ...count me as one...I can never ask for more!!!So,while I relish this big sweet apple pie of life thatz in front of too bite into your cookie.Well cookie...that reminds me of yet another good time!!!Wat do I do??!!!Nothing Gab,just smile :)So while I stay smiling ,you stay smiling too!!!Wishing you all the smiles that the worls can hold!!!Or may much more that the world is not enough!!!Cheeeezzze :)