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Sunday, June 17, 2007

A plea...

Until not very long ago ...for close to 3 years, I sent out a good morning mail to my friends ( almost all) and to people who made a difference to me.

The mail comprises a picture and a signature quote , a unique one for every day.It was an 15 min effort each day ...looking up for the appropriate quote , ensuring itz not repeated and actually composing the mail and sending it out.

All that and now I realise I dint spend just one more minute to compile the quotes into a collection.I just now realised how I loved every single one of very much!!!

Dumb me!!!!

If you were one of the recipients of my mail and if you have the quotes collected,
please do share it with me.

I would be ever so grateful...

I pray you do...

Thursday, June 14, 2007

A snapshot of me

I m damn furious about how cheap people can get , taking advantage of disabilities, just this specific case of playing a mean and nasty game, without fighting it out straight.

Or may be I dint leave them with a choice.

And I learnt how tough it can get, to be in the mob-mentality crowd and save your self.But I choose to go on.

Pray I dont stoop so low as to give up my self-esteem to get what I want.

If I have to, I shall miserably fail rather.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Lessons for life

This one is on relationships ...things I learnt.Just thought I ll put these here that someone might
save a bit of their own sanity.

->If something came up too quick it will be too quick to go down as well.

->"Age appears to be best in four things -
old wood best to burn, old wine to drink,
old friends to trust, and old authors to read."
- Francis Bacon, 1624
Trust this man ...he sure is worldly-wise.Nothing like a friend whose been there through the years...

->If you ever have it in you to be protective of your loved ones...just let that go.Every living , thinking human is to be trusted with their own decisions.And it is perfectly ok to falter ...the lesson stays for long that way.

->Expressions of affection vary from person to person.Not speaking your language does not mean no loving thoughts.

->If you love someone speak it out.Many lives have been de-railed more by silence than by words.

->You know when you ve made a great relationship when you feel connected , secure feeling...but there just is no bondage.
You are free to be strings attached.

-> Think beyond the bonding , possessive-ness , mad love.As much as I see these elements here are no doubt mushy-mushy , chO chweet things.But for love to thrive there needs a certain amount of sensibility.I ve outgrown my belief in the phrase
'madly in love'.If theres madness aint love.

->When we like someone we have a natural tendency to be good....even if it means being unlike our-selves.If you are walking that way, itz time you told yourself a 'no'.What you ve been for ages you cannot change cannot run away from the person that really is 'you'.One day the real 'you' is gonna blow up ...what you ve built.Rather be yourself.If someone is
with you , let that be because of who you are and not because of what you ve become of them.

->If someone says 'I would die for you' cautious.A person who cannot value life would certainly be incapable of valuing relationships.And if you are one saying that , that thought needs serious reconsideration.

->If you are one whose looking at your relationship as plain and dull, yearning for adventure , remember those turbulent times you faced and how glad you were to be back home. A rock is plain hard reliable, not as much fun.You can choose the waves if you want , but you ought to make seas your home.

->If you thought someone made you cry , then they are not worth your tears.If someone was worth your tears , they would nt let you cry in the first place.

->Cry if you must , but move on.Life is too precious to be wasted in tears.

->If someone left you and left you wondering whatz the reason , I bet there should be no real reason worthwhile to know.Stop asking ,'Why me?'.It is probably their instinct that played havoc and now they missed you!

->If you think you are cranking up and being a pain to your loved ones, that is perfectly ok.You dont have to be good , understanding and a pleasure all the time.Let the guilt go...itz ok to crank up and your loved-ones would understand for sure.

->Letting go is probably the toughest lesson life gives.But once you master it, you ve it all.

->Never ever play the blame-game.No-one can ruin your life more than you.When your relationship or life is a wreck and you do a post-mortem , you will discover that it was simply you ...the choices you made.

->You just have one life , the best bet would be to fill it with as much love, light and laughter.

All that said , your life is what you live.Sure life comes with no guarantee , learning is on-the-job and change is inevitable.

But like I said before , if you had the option of being happy , why be anyway else :)

Friday, June 08, 2007

A snap-shot of me

Today was a day that tested my temper greatly but I saved it by composure.I always believe in the goodness of people - that everyone is striving to be good until there arises a situation that forces them other-wise.And thats one reason I hold my temper with such care.

I would have to agree with the fact that me opening up is limited to people with an acceptable frequency to me and to others I m merely silent and good.

Just when I try to be good...somethings make my work tougher... like mob-mentality (which makes it tough for me to sink in a gang), back-seat driving( I ve taken a vow never to get picky that way) , silly attitude ( which I should mercilessly ignore) , gossip , passing public judgements, pretence, ...may be one time or the other i am there...but i try not to hit those shores, atleast not quite so often that I would detest myself for that.

Thats for now...Take care.Have a lovely weekend.

I m gonna have one ;-)

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Update from the weekend

Weekend was majorly filled with activities the Itasca State Park

The following are the lessons/experiences:
-> If you are spinning up scary stories(especially about bear attacks) make sure they are not sooo real that you start believing them.Or, put yourself a reminder(Else you are gonna turn pale at your own shadow)

-> Dont hit the brakes where the roads are still wet (Courtesy: my biking
adventure...which came with a free swipe-out session)

-> If someone tells you something is tough ...dont believe until you had tried...even if that someone is you (Courtesy: Kayaking).

-> What you feel with your hand may not actually be what is true (I m talking about the damp grass on which I sat smack...and you know the rest of the story!)

-> When someone is really pushy and you are completely annoyed...dont put up too tough a fight...there might be actually doors opening to what you are capable of...rather than what you actually do.Then again personal discretion is the last word.

-> When you are in a new place ...with a new experience ...dont be lazy to take those extra dont want to repent later!!!

-> If you get lost in the forest( like the one I went to)...that would be the best thing that can happen to you...far from the maddening crowd.And dont you panic...after all, they will find you.

-> Hiking with no shoes is a bad option...even wet sneakers would do.You never know how mean those slimy creatures can get and oh the mosquitoes!!

-> Be prepared for a fall when you wade through a river(with that unknown terrain beneath)...that way the fall is not all that miserable.It infact may turn out to be major fun.Little bruises dont hurt that much!!

->Lunching in the middle of the lake is soooo much fun (the word I wish I could use is 'romantic'...but is not applicable considering the scenario) with 6 enthused ppl, 2 sleepy kids and the menu reads -'Pulisaadam' ,'thayir saadam', 'Potato fry','chips'.

Best of all,
-> If you have the option of being happy...why be any way else!!!!

This is from today:
Did you know that 1 sec = 1000 milli-seconds and not 60? I dint until I had to set the maximum retries to 3 secs in milli-seconds('30000 milli-secs') !

Love and a learning soul...

I ve borne you in my heart;
Seeing us long before you saw me.
No, I dint give any fervent prayers.
I simply dint think that would happen...and it did.
For the cherub you were, you made loving you so easy-
filling the vacuum eroding my soul...I thought you really did.
I wonder how with every rain the skies dont fade.
I wish many a thing were like the fade or change.
But what I ask for is not what I would really want.
You are not a plant I weed nor a word I give to the air.
It hurts to rip you off ... but not as much that I cannot bear.
I know staying is not an option...and you ll learn it very soon.
Every seed must see the day-light and bask in the moon.
Before your wings get too big for the nest,
I give you to the winds and I know I do the best.
Dont you worry,you are going to be just fine.
And ...I ve learnt the vacuum to fill,
the job,...itz mine...I ll look within.